Well i told you how i was moving? I made my mind up and was happy with the decision. Then i got an email

Hi Luke,

The Community Foundation is nearing their Annual General Meeting in April where some Board Members will be completing their 2 year terms. As you are very community-minded, I thought that you would be a great fit with the Foundation. Have you ever thought about joining? The time commitment is one meeting per month.

There are also opportunities to sit on the following Advisory Committees, whether you’re on the Board or not:
1. Management
2. Marketing & Communications
3. Youth
4. Grants

Let me know if you’re interested and we can talk more.

I know what your thinking. Holy shit! That is awesome. Congratulations! Yeah, that is what i thought. Then i remembered that i am moving. So it turns from a holy shit to a holy fuck! Why!! Why!!

I do still want to move though. So i am going to turn down the opportunity and move. It sucks balls that this is happening now, but hopefully i can get on a board when i am all settled down in some place. Who knows what that place is though, only time will tell.

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2 Responses to Shit!

  1. Jason Tapp says:

    Well then, either you do what your passionate about or you do what what you are passionate for. I would hate to be in your shoes.

  2. Dan M. says:

    Well Phil.
    thing like that happen all the time, but in my opinion, moving might be good for you. why, well one you have a girl waiting for you, and that is more impotent then setting on a board. That will give you a more stable life and happiness. Who knows, you might have some thing else come up even better down there. I know given that up is hard for you but, hay, you have a girl waiting for you and maybe a better life and job. That is only my opinion.


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