Busy busy like pumpkin

Well that would be the case if i pumpkins could actually do something other than grow and look good and be eaten and all orange and stuff. Anyhow…back to the important stuff. I am super busy at the moment. I have 2 projects on the go, and training and 2 jobs. It is awesome, plus i might be starting to go to the gym so i look super hot and buff for my lady when she arrives. Rar!

So the 2 projects? Well they are a bike share for Golden, which is cool but not sure if it will float. There are loads of obstacles, such as helmets, insurance and such. We shall see.

The Second is a bike polo tournament. It is going to Kick ass! So much fun. We are also having a messenger race to go along with it. So if you want to donate a house or stop along the way, make people do physical challenges like, something funny. It is going to be great. The more people involved the better.

So all that and i am working 11hrs a day, so there isn’t much time left at the end of the week to do fun stuff. Hopefully i can get it sorted out that i work 3 nights a week, one day on the weekend. Then gym the other nights, and work on the projects at work and in the free time. Lets see how much i can cram in there. Oh i am also half way thru my Apple Training, so i need to do that too. Phew, why do i sleep. The good thing is that i am requiring less sleep which is always a good thing.

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  1. Shell says:

    You require 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep A DAY….and please tell me you are eating REAL food….glad to hear you are busy but please remember to look after yourself old chap.

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