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So it has been a while. I have been super busy with life. Working my 2-3 jobs, relaxing with my lady. Travelling around Canada and the Globe, it takes its toll on you. I am a second time uncle again, to another little boy. I think i am expecting a little girl soon, from my other sister, which should be super cool. Who knows one of these days i might even gain the balls to ask as well. Time will tell.

I have a super cool new job, well it is only part time or casual but still super cool. It is a job designed to increase peoples use of there bodies, yup active transportation. So it means getting people out of cars and onto foot and bike and any other means. Anything but using the car, it is really interesting and i am looking forward to the challenges that it provides to me. I am planning on having a meeting with my boss and see where she wants me to go. If it is an open slather kind of job, then i will have my work cut out for me. If i have to play a roll in getting people out of cars, that would also be awesome. I would love to see more people out of there trucks and walking and biking. The winter so far has been very mild and it is great to see the number of people we already have. I would like to have more.

Apart from that exciting news, not much more has managed to happen here. Life is moving along quite nicely. I can’t wait for summer and spring to really start cause then we can start growing veggies and stuff. Yum!

Also i have done some admin stuff on the site, so now it is optimised for mobile devices as well. Sweet stuff!

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