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Ok, Ok… breathe

Tweet Now things are not going according to plan. It was meant to just be a stroke. But at the moment it is turning a whole lot more sour. Dad has had MRI’s, CAT scans, the works. The results? FUCKED. … Continue reading

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Aww Shit

Tweet Some not to good news to report. My dad has just had a stroke. He is over in Sydney for my Grandpa’s 80th birthday celebration. I’m really worried, like so worried i don’t know what to do. I want … Continue reading

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Tweet In new news i now have a Girlfriend. She is awesome. In the first 2 weeks we have been together, we have bought a house, had 3 kids, bought a house full of Ikea furniture and set plans for … Continue reading

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Tweet So i was talking to a friend the other day. We somehow got onto the subject of Holland. Then i was asking why they have so many names for the one country. The lucky buggers have 3 names. See … Continue reading

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Roll play

Tweet Do you ever get into situations where you imagine a soundtrack playing along, perfect tune in mind. Kind of like a TV show would do? I do. It is kinda weird at times though, well basically i would be … Continue reading

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New flickr

Tweet A new look for Flickr got released recently. Oh. My. God. It is really sexy. Good work guys!

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Random Thought

Tweet Why is it that guys with long brown hair and a beard all look like Jesus? Freaky if you ask me.

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Workin’ Man

Tweet Been busy as hell lately. I managed to get another job though. So i have 2 maybe 3 at the moment. I’m a pizza delivery boy! Not the most glamerous job around, but at least the money i save … Continue reading

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10 years

Tweet Sunday 28th 1996, 1.30pm. One man changed Australia and the world, forever. His acts may have only lasted less than 8 minutes but have affect many long after this time. It has been 10 years since one man created … Continue reading

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Internet Pizza

Tweet Yes! It has finally come to Australia. Ordering your Pizza’s online!! W00t.

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