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I got Flocked!!

Tweet Yes i did. I don’t know whether it was the Flock tummy that i did, or actually asking for a Tee. Still the outcome was the same, i got me a 100% authentic “Get Flocked” Tee. Im so proud … Continue reading

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Damn Colds

Tweet There is only one thing that i hate more than being incapacitated, and that is being sick. I just can’t stand it. The constant coughing, running nose, thick head. Grrrr, im glad that i dont get sick very often. … Continue reading

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To show or not….that is the question

Tweet Well it has come, the annual Blogger Boobie-thon. I am thinking about going in it. The proceeds go to charity, like the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Haven’t decided yet though. I know some people may think that it is … Continue reading

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News just in….

Tweet Moses is to live. I have decided to keep Moses, my car. It will cost me a few hundred dollars, but over the long run, it isn’t that much. I think i can still get my new pc as … Continue reading

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Champion of plant town

Tweet Well i have finally done it. After one and a half semesters, i beat Abby in a plant knowledge test. I’m so happy. The monkey/plant is off my back. Ok that was a bad joke, i know. Mind you … Continue reading

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Cars go bye-bye

Tweet I crashed my car today. I’m not going to lay blame. All i know is i’m as sore as anything, i have a bit of whiplash. Need to find out tommorrow if the car is written off or not. … Continue reading

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Flock me!

Tweet Well this is it, i’ve had. I mean i find the website, i research it, i subscribe to be a beta tester. I ask Kitta about what it is, seeing that she normally knows what is going on in … Continue reading

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Weigh it up, again

Tweet Well considering the amount of responses i have had to my last post about this, i think it has finally hit me. I really am to skinny. I was looking at myself in the mirror today, when i noticed … Continue reading

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Fucken Mr Asshole

Tweet Right, here is the G-O. I am studying Landscaping at College, and i have to take an irrigation course. I need to know all about the type of fittings and how they go together etc. So today we were … Continue reading

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Weigh it up

Tweet I am getting to skinny. I have lost about 6kg since i moved to perth about 8 months ago. I’m sure that my exercise routine hasn’t helped me gain weight either. I did have a pretty full on routine … Continue reading

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