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Active Transportation

Tweet I went to an active transportation forum tonight. Seeing that i can’t sleep and am excited about it, i thought that i would write about what i know and learnt tonight. So what is active transportation? Well it is … Continue reading

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Goodbye, i hope it isn’t for ever

Tweet Well on Tuesday the 26th August, 2008 at 6.45am. The most significant person in my life (second to my parents) to date walked out my front door, and drove 8 hours away to Victoria, British Columbia. It was a … Continue reading

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Old Fart

Tweet It seems that “that” time of the year is coming around again, not Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter or any other world Holiday. My Birthday (it should be a world holiday!), I’m going to be turning the “ripe” young age of … Continue reading

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Well well

Tweet It is has been quite the boring and uneventful week. Nothing so far has gone on. 1 thing that has occured is i went for a hike on Sunday. It was awesome fun, i will have to post some … Continue reading

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Funny name regerator

Tweet So i i wasn’t born to my mum, and i was born to Sarah Palin, my name would be: Meat Notgay Palin. Yup, weird and very Alaskan! via Polit

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Tweet I follow lots of blogs online and in thru RSS feeds, one i like related to Macs is Macenstein. Whilst visiting the site i came upon this article. It is intersting to see the comments, and how they are … Continue reading

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Fun in Calgary?

Tweet Well i may say i had a great weekend in Calgary. One of one 2 such occasions. Bike polo was the reason this time. It was the most fun i have had on 2 wheels in a long time. … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

Tweet I live on the top of a mountain with wild rock! S Davis 12 september 2008

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Tweet I just thought of a statement or saying that i like. You can say it to your girlfriend, wife, lady friend or anyone that you love. It is… More to hold. More to squeeze. More to love.

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Woot! Woot!!!

Tweet Coming thru… i did my first Mac install today. It was as easy a tick, ok, password, done. Can not get much easier than that. It took longer to setup the PC that it took to do the sharing. … Continue reading

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