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Update on website

Tweet Hey all, It was pointed out that my site was giving nice 404 errors. I ran out of time to check it but have checked it and fixed it. Not sure if it was the .htaccess files being stupid. … Continue reading

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Stupid people

Tweet /begin rant I had a guy yesterday that really got my goat, not literally but figuratively. He was stupid. Really he was. He was trying to compare computer repairs with mechanic repairs. How do you do that? Like this. … Continue reading

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Catch up

Tweet Well lots has been going on recently. Well in Golden Terms, it has. Things don’t move to fast over here but some how i have been really busy. I went getting my fill of cultural goodies over the last … Continue reading

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I’m an Uncle!

Tweet Woot Woot! Welcome Zachary David Smith to the wide world!! Congrats to Dave and Shell. Hopefully my pressies make it there soon! Grr for the postal services of Canada and Australia. I found out about 30 mins ago. I … Continue reading

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Tweet I am just listening to the new Clare Bowditch and the Feed set‘s new album, and it is making me smile and want to dance around. The sun is shining, there is a chill in the air that hasn’t … Continue reading

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Sore so sore

Tweet Patrolled this weekend, it was good fun. Lots of soft powder, lots of first tracks. Lots of friends to ski with, no line to deal with, despite everyone else spending around 20-40mins lined up. It was great. Also had … Continue reading

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Tweet At this point and time in my life. I find it hard to ever want to leave this place. Golden, BC. The hour i get up now, is around 8, out the door by around quarter to 9. Just … Continue reading

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Stray yah Day

Tweet Holy Shit! Let me just say that i had one of thee best Australia Days i have ever had. It was heapsĀ  and heap and heaps of fun. Stared drinking at 3pm, but ill get back to that. Started … Continue reading

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Brrr, its chilly

Tweet Well i have been get cold legs recently. The weather has been hovering around the -20C for the last week. It is very nipply, and leg numbing too! Apart for the cold it has been a good week with … Continue reading

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Great Canadian Death Race

Tweet So i am hoping to go in this race in the month of August. The name is the Great Canadian Death Race. It is a 125km race over 17,000 feet (5181.6m) of Vertical. Swamps, cliffs, rocky ridges it has … Continue reading

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