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Opinion pieces, can be long but intesting reading.

10 years

Tweet Sunday 28th 1996, 1.30pm. One man changed Australia and the world, forever. His acts may have only lasted less than 8 minutes but have affect many long after this time. It has been 10 years since one man created … Continue reading

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Fiona Falkiner= hottie

Tweet OMG, what a hottie. From the minute i saw her in the previews of the biggest loser, i was so going Whoa!, stunner!. ( I also bet that she could win the whole thing, but that im not sure … Continue reading

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Tweet So i was thinking about what songs will be considered musical classics when im an “old fart”. You know there is always a radio station that plays “All the classics from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s” I might have … Continue reading

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Tweet Well bad new peoples. I had my interview, but didn’t get the job. 🙁 I was dissapointed but not really upset. It would have been cool working for that company, seeing that it was in mining and all. Hey … Continue reading

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Tweet Watched an Australian Movie the other night, whilst i normally don’t tend to like the Aussie movies. I do like to give them a chance. Seeing that i hadn’t seen one in quite a while, i thought this one … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Tweet Well Santa has come and gone… hope you all got what you wished for. I know that i got a heap of things from My Wishlist over at So get back to your loved ones and enjoy the … Continue reading

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Following Dreams

Tweet This is the post about my future. So it might be a long read. Hang in there, and i promise it might even have a happy ending 😛 So I started 2005 wanting to do Landscaping, that is the … Continue reading

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Tweet I have been thinking about this over the last couple of days. Why does our water consumption go down over winter. I don’t mean domestic, i mean individual. Like recently i have taken up drinking large quanties of water. … Continue reading

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Human indulgeance

Tweet Well, i think i have found the most stupid thing i could think could ever happen. I migh make a poem out of it. I’m not a crash bag poet either! I was sitting on the loo today (sorry … Continue reading

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Standing tall

Tweet I have been noticing lately lots of tall people that slouch. I’m no exception to the rule, i don’t like standing tall. I feel as though i stand out to much, it requires lots of self confidence to do … Continue reading

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