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Opinion pieces, can be long but intesting reading.

Opinion piece #1-Self esteem

Tweet Well this is the first of hopefully many. The subject is “People’s reaction to positive commentsâ€? It all started off one day when I was thinking about people getting told that they looked handsome or beautiful. I was surprised … Continue reading

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Body Image

Tweet I started this post title as “Women’s body image”, but then thought that it wasn’t really right. As men have body images as well. I know that when i see a guy with huge arms, i take note (Sometimes!). … Continue reading

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Teen Obesity

Tweet Look around the shops, how many teens are sporting bellies? I am mainly talking about the 17-23 age group. Most of the people that i see walking around have a slight little bellie, but maybe it could be larger … Continue reading

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Fair is fair

Tweet What is the meaning of Fair? Sure the meaning is “Having or exhibiting a disposition that is free of favoritism or bias; impartial: a fair mediator.Being in accordance with relative merit or significance: She wanted to receive her … Continue reading

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Marriage, Divorce and Society

Tweet Just wanted to express some ideas here (that is why i have this blog!) It seems that divorce is on the rise and marriage as a union is on the decline. In details released by the ABS it states … Continue reading

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American Patriots

Tweet America the land of the free, sure that may be. Not from where I sit though. I may be an armchair critic but I have noticed some things over the period of George W Bush as president. I lived in … Continue reading

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Obesity where shall it lead?

Tweet Just been watching that new show on TV from Jamie Oliver. The one about British school meals. What alarms me is the amount of shit that kids seem to eat, sure it may be a promotional item to get … Continue reading

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