Well i’m in Melbourne. Guess what?, Its raining!! Hurray, now my socks are all wet and i knew that i brought the wrong shoes as soon as i packed my bags. Oh well, i just need to change them once i get back to the Backpackers. We flew over on ultimate cattle class, JetStar. It was fun to sit right at the back, at least we got to have no leg room, no way to put the seat back to sleep, and a toilet flushing behind my head all the way over. For 3 long and teadious hours, i tried to read but couldn’t it was a moving object, i can’t read in movng objects. Anyhow i am hoping that things get better, i have an interview with my old company this arvo about a job, and tomorrow i have interviews for a job in Canada. So things are look good.

One thing i didn’t realise was how much fashion there is over here, i like some of it, but i must say that most of the blokes look like tossers, and the chicks look, well ugly. I feel like im back in the 80’s that is the fashion over here at the moment. It sucks, i am proudly wearing my SQL tee. It is great, sure to get some interest from someone. That is all for now, im stealing the net from Jess’s old work, its fun.

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Browse happy

Now i normally don’t put post up in Internet Explorer, mainly because i don’t like Microsoft or the software that they produce or the way they go around with there business. Im an open source kinda guy.Γ‚ So imagine my suprise when i login to WordPress, and see a new little logo down the bottom of my pages. Yep, it is a Browse Happy icon. Basically it is a site designed by someone at WordPress trying to get people to use other browsers. Awesome. Truely. Magnificient. What more can i say, but if you use IE for anything and have a choice, change. If you don’t have a choice ask your lovely Sys Admin person to put it in for you. You will not regret it. Firefox or anything else is much better, faster and complies more with the standards set down by theΓ‚ W3.

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Hasn’t it been a while. Moving and all has been the best fun i can imagine, the many trips up and down the freeway. Mind you i got most of it up in one load in the back of 3 cars. Lots of fun. I am now mostly unpacked and ready to start looking for more steady employment after i get back from Melbourne next week. I have managed to pick up a few days with my old company. SO hopefully that will tide me over till i get a full time job.

Things are going good with Dad. I had to take him into his first Chemo treatment on Monday. Let me state hospitals are crap. I got lost looking for a freaking HUGE hallway. Then i had to find the Oncology room, which is out the back behind a wall, hiding. How dare it! Anyhow i finally found out where i needed to go, after getting directions from 1. An oncologist,Γ‚ 2. my mum on the phone.

Dad has successfully been enrolled in receiving this brand new drug that cost $40k a year, but is getting it for basically free cause of the government is paying for it (thanks PBS system)Γ‚ He starts his Radiotherapy in about a months time. That is when things get fun i think, luckly he doesn’t have to wear a bandana, cause well he is almost bald anyhow. πŸ˜›

I am going ok with it all, he as had stiches taken out now, so looks more normal. Things seem to have settled down now to it being a normal part of life. It is funny i never thought it could become normal. It has though, a bad/good normal. There has been support from people all over the place. One good thing though is the fact that we are getting a puppy tommorrow, and another in about 6 weeks. We are going to be overrun with puppies! Hurray, and i will have to look after then. What a shame! πŸ˜€ One is a Black Labrador x Golden Retreiver. The other is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pure breed, it is going to be fun and hard work at the same time. So anyone wanting to see cute puppies in a few days, check out my flickr account.

Things are looking up at the moment. Hopefully it can stay that way.

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Wow, so long

I’m moving home this weekend. Partly to be closer to Dad and Mum. They need someone with muscles to help around the house. Secondly to save for my still planned trip to Canada. Thirdly so i can be closer to Lauren, by half the time.

The result of that is that i might be offline for a little bit, but that hasn’t stopped me before.Γ‚ So i’ll be back soon, hasta luego amigos.

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I jinxed myself

I spoke to soon, the Dr came back with the biopsy results. Grade 3 anablastic astrocytoma. That is bad. They are ranked from 1 to 4. 1 is good in tumour language. So it is a high grade tumour. SHIT! He is going back under the knife again next week (Tuesday), to remove as much as possible then starting with both Chemo and Radio therapy. i don’t know many more details yet. Still need to sort this thru my head.

It was all looking good for a few hours. When i got told, i didn’t say anything. I was numb, speechless. This is sucky. I was thinking about it all today. Not a very happy subject. I need to see Lauren. She cheers me up πŸ™‚ Although when i told her, she had a cry for me. She is really tight with my family (seeing that she is my younger sister’s best friend), so i don’t know how she can be so positive and such a support to me.

For many years my dad got criticised in our chruch for being stoic. I think it is now helping all us kids get thru this process. He passed that onto us. In some respects im glad that he did, others well it can hinder things. My older sis remarked the other day “We have to stay strong” I’m not sure if that was for her or for me, but it helped me. At this stage we have to remain as possitive as possible. Lets see how that goes.

*/start possitive power./*

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Update on dad

Dad after his surgery

Originally uploaded by The Gussy.

Things went better than expected with dad’s surgery. They couldn’t tell the difference between tumour and brain. Which i hear is a good thing. We now have to wait until the biopsies come back before we can get our hopes up really high. At the moment i’m dreaming that this could be all over. He has a giant horse shoe shaped scar from one side of his ear to the other, held in with staples. I haven’t seen it cause well i will feel ill.

One thing that has come out of this is how strong family really is. It is awesome. It is also proving hard for me to say “I love you” to my dad. I can say “Yeah same” when he says it to me, but the other way is just hard. Its not that i don’t love him. I do, he is my dad. Why wouldn’t i love him? Just those words get stuck in my throat. It is just a guy thing? Do chicks have the same problem? I’m not sure, all i know is that i want to thank everyone for there support. It has been amazing, the words from you have kept me going. So thanks! πŸ˜€ Lets hope that things keep going up from here!

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News update

Well things are getting better. If you could say that about Brain Tumors. Dad has been in Hospital since Tuesday, not cause he is sick or feeling unwell. Nope, just to hold his bed. Ya’ gotta fight the sick off with people that look fit and well. He is in Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital, getting A class meals. Better than home cooked, so i hear. (I gotta get me some of that!! :P)

He is having a Operation to try and remove most of the tumor on Tuesday next (27th June). Going to take about 3-4 hrs. Then he goes into Intensive care for a bit then we start on the Radio/Chemotherapy. The Dr sounds really nice. There is a possiblity that he might become a Hemiplegic. Not looking forward to that, if it happens. Dr it possitive though.
I haven’t visited dad in hospital yet. I’m hoping to on Sunday, all things working out nicely with work. I don’t know if i can be strong enough too. Its funny how the brain works (when there isn’t bad things in there) i feel like it is releasing enough information for me to handle at a time. The whole thing is so large, and so fast. I feel overwhelmed with it all, i still have to do the whole “breathe” thing, Just to get thru the day. We will see what tomorrow holds, and deal with that when it comes.

People think i’m weird. I still smile, about what is going on. Not like i want my dad to die. That isn’t meant to happen for many years. God willing it will be years. I just know that everything is being done that is humanly possible. If (unfortunately) it’s time, then its time. It will suck more than my heart and head can take, but it will have happened for a reason. Make me a stronger person, and i will grow from it. I already know that we as a family have said things to each other that haven’t been said before.

Like my mum- ” I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all you kids – it has been so wonderful for both dad and I to see what had been built into you – the lovely caring wonderful people that you have each become. It has been a blessing to us to see how each of you has responded to this crappy situation. Each, in your own unique ways, have given your love and support and care to us and we are so grateful for each one of you. Thank you my lovelies. “

Until next update, i’ll try and get away from sad stuff. Just it dominates so much at the moment. You understand.

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Me and Lauren

Me and Lauren

Originally uploaded by The Gussy.

So this is a photo of me and my Girlfriend at Kings Park. It was a great day, i managed to spill Champagne on myself about 3 times. I’m so co-ordinated πŸ˜›

( I hate my slitty eyes, but it is the best shot i have)

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Well things have been busy for me over the last little bit of the week. Let me explain.

Monday- Worked with a cracking headache. Lauren (my Girlfirend) came over, and cooked dinner. Awesome.

Tuesday- Took off work, cause i still had massive headache. Cooked my sister dinner at her place. (She lives alone ATM in the family home) Got an awesome massage from Lauren. Helped a bit, but was still there.
Wednesday- Took off work again, cause of the massive headache that was still present. Went to Dr’s. She said that it was a “stress’ headache. (I kind of knew that, but wanted to be doubly sure, she even offered doing scans to put my mind at ease.) Met up with Lauren in the city. Was short but sweet. Got cooked dinner, it rocked again.

So if you didn’t know, i am a bit of a stressed chicken at the moment. So much so it is making me not able to work. Personally i think that im trying to see as many Dr’s as dad is, somehow i think i am loosing.

How am i going? Getting there. Things are hard, people are being really helpful and friendly. I dont think it would be the same over in Sydney or any other Capital city really. Perth is a speical place. Dad and Mum are coming home on Saturday night, so i am picking them up. It will be a bit weird, knowing that things have happened, but not being “their” and “apart of it” so to speak. Least i get to drive dad’s Honda πŸ˜€ I have shirked most job responsibilty for the weekend.

I know that this is a bit of a rambling entry, and i normally don’t write like this. Meh, something new. Anyhoo, i managed to speak to Dad the other night. Wasn’t as freaky or weird as i thought it would be. Sure he was “out of it” a bit, not nearly as much as i thought he would be. I was thinking it would be like talking to someone that wouldn’t know who i was, it wasn’t. He was still himself, just saying some funny/ weird things. Like “there is something wrong up there”… and then correcting himself saying it is a tumor. I think mum “reminded” him. πŸ˜› I had to crack the joke about him becoming more like mum though, i don’t think he got it. (Mum doesn’t remember things well, even her kids names!!) Overall it was a good chat, just wish i could have given him a big hug.

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More News

My sister has written aΓ‚ Medical Jargon update. For those that are interested.Should know more news for you later on.

Today is my Mum and Dad’s 32nd Wedding Anniversary.

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