Thank you

Tommorrow is ANZAC Day. It is a national holiday, honouring all our fallen soliders in all wars. The name ANZAC (Australian New Zealand Army Corps) came from Australia’s unsucessful attempt to conquer part of Turkey in World War 1. Stupid british sent us in to die, we managed to get out with no casulities though. People were fighting less that 2 metres apart for around ages, they could throw packets of cigarettes over the trenches! It has been said that 2 “personalities” were born at that battle ground, the Australian and Turkish.
I just wanted to say, Thank-you to everyone that has fought for what i have today, and what my kids will have in the future. I know it is a cliche, but they died for my freedom. So this goes out to all that are no longer with us, and those that are. Including the sometimes forgotten Vietnam Vets. Thank-you.

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One year on

Well it has been one year since i started this wonderful blog. i have learnt lots, and been greatful for all the comments that people write. I’ve had arguments, rants, opinions, and all manner of other stuff said on here in the last year. Its been great. Hopefully i can keep it up, i know that i want to. Just have to find my spark for writing again. Please keep the comments coming, i love them.
Its funny looking back at what you used to write. It feels sort of like going back in your childhood and reminiscing about events. I started out writing about fat people and then moved on to the Americian scene, even though i really don’t have a clue about it at all. I guess i have layed off that opinionated kind of stuff lately, not sure why either. Oh well, im hopefully going to be able to get a new theme up soon, so it will be a kind of a birthday present for the site! Hurray!

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Long time

Well i have not written for a while, been a busy little bunny. Lets see, i have got myself a new job. Whilst it is only temporary at the moment. It is keeping me really busy. 10hr days, w00t! I’m a courier, so getting to see lots of Perth. They mainly keep me up north, so there are lots of places that i don’t know, but am starting to find out more about this city. How bloody easy it is to get around. I’ll give you an example, middle of the day, major highway. Me and 2 more cars, that is it! Ahh easy work! Mainly i pickup doors and other big stuff like that, then deliver it. Not really hard, but i have a radio and a 2 way. Keeps me entertained. I need the money like anything! Why?

Cause I’m hoping to travel to Canada and the US of A for a year. Yep, work in Canada for the ski season and then travel around the place. Hopefully get to as many states as is possible in the time that i have. One thing that has been said to me many times is ” Your only young once” So i’m going to live it up. I don’t like living with regrets, so that is why i’m jumping at this opportunity. Hopefully i will be going with my little sis. Hopefully memories will evolve and last a lifetime. I’m thinking of getting another blog going about the whole trip, but can’t think of any cool names. Any suggestions?

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Manhunt Perth, Success

What a great idea. Basically it is a large game of Hide and seek. Except for Adults. So let me paint the picture for you. 16 adults running around the malls in the perth CBD on a busy sunday afternoon= FUN!

I was a bit nervous turning up, basically cause i didn’t really know anyone. Sure i had met a few of the people one time before. The normal nerves still pop up, so i got myself a drink first to settle the nerves down. It worked a treat (well it worked, not sure about the treat bit). It was then that i wondered over and some of the people recognised me, and they were all pretty friendly. After waiting around for 30mins we decided to pick the “hunter” by a giant game of paper, rock, scissors. If only life was as simple to decide everything by this method. We found a winner, but they were soon dropped for some late comers. It was then that i scampered off and tried to find somewhere nice to hide.

I headed straight for the department store. 5 levels, lots of people, good clothes racks. Sweet spot right? Wrong. It seemed that most people decided to try and hide in there. It was on my way out that i saw a large group of people walking towards me. I forgot to mention we all had green armbands on. So i decided to take the escalators downstairs, only to see the ONLY hunter! I tried to run thru the pots and pans, but i got stabbed in the chest by a pan handle. I’m cursing that handle right now. I was then tagged. 10 mins into the game, i have 50mins to catch other people.Not only 2 mins before i saw the large group of people did i think that i should jump in the lift, away from where everyone might be. Damn me for not following my gut! I basically ended up walking around for the rest of the time. I did manage to “tag” someone though. It was a great. Drama. Suspense. Action. It had it all.

I was walking down the pedestrian mall (hay st) with my arm behind my back, trying to hide the arm band. It was then that i spotted Tash. We had a bit of a tussle with a cosmetic rack in between us. I had somehow managed to trap her in a chemist shop, with an assistant watching us. I did kindly ask for Tash to play nice, and just give up. Alas she is not one to quit that easy. I tried reaching over to tag her. I even asked the shop assistant to hold her whilst i tagged her. Pfft, girls sticking together 😛 It ended in me giving her an out, onto the mall. Where i managed to track her down in about 20m. It was awesome fun. If you live in Perth or really, any other city. You should give it a go! I bet lots of people got good fun out of people running after each other. Thanks has to go to Dom for organising it though.

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What you looking at 2 eyes?

I have to had to surcome to glasses. It was only going to be a “check up” damn me for being proactive! I thought that seeing that the appointment with the Optometrist was free (thanks Australian goverment for that!) It wouldn’t hurt would it? I did have to wear glasses some 8 years earlier, but they were for shortsightness, this time i have them for longsightness. So some hundreds of dollars later i walk out with new glasses. Acutally i was quite suprised at how quick i actually got them. Diagnoised, treated and broke all in six and a half hours. They sure know how to get money off you. The place i went to, was awesomely cool though. Gemma was awesome, so helpful. Why is it that all the people that work in those types of shops all wear glasses themselves? So anyhow i think they are funky and sexy looking glasses.

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Fiona Falkiner= hottie

OMG, what a hottie. From the minute i saw her in the previews of the biggest loser, i was so going Whoa!, stunner!. ( I also bet that she could win the whole thing, but that im not sure about now, sorry fiona.) So Damn she is hot, those eyes are just…mmmmelting. Sure she was a bit large when she started 101kg (223 pounds) , but meh i know people that have been that size and can still carry it. And no they aren’t guys. Sure it wouldn’t be healthy being that size for ever. But i’m sure it can be worked on, right? Mental voice: “Um Luke, she is on the biggest loser to lose weight you iiidiot!” I always think that appearence isn’t everything. I like to consider myself a sapiosexual. But now she is starting to lose the weight, she is looking hotter and hotter each episode. There are times when i think…”dude (refering to fiona) you are so stupid, why are you crying so freaking much.” Then i remember that she is going thru a hard time, and i can’t be angry at her. Also the fact that i haven’t even met her and probably won’t either makes me come back to reality. But if she happens to do a google search on herself, like the rest of us do (you can all admit it now). Hopefully she will find this and it will work out all good. The end.

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Damn i hate summer colds. They suck! I am meant to be enjoying my new found freedom from work, instead im sipping honey and lemons, sniffling and generally feeling like a small piece of poop. Hopefully i will feel better by Monday, cause that is when i have my interview.

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I quit

Well i finally did it. I quit my job. Not that i have anything else to move onto, i was just sick of it. Funny thing was that my boss really liked me. I never knew, he always seemed funny to me. Now i just need to go and find another job, one in IT or something like that. So i finish up on Thursday for the Landscaping part and Sunday for the Retail Nursery part. So last chance to see me in a fluro pink shirt- EVER!!

I am happy and scared at the same time, what if i can’t find a new job soon enough?? You know the normal problems and worries. Good news though, i have an interview for a job on Monday mid-morning. Lets hope that this one is a bit better than the last 🙂

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Aching body. Scratched elbows. Skin-less knee’s. Sunburnt. I couldn’t even close the door on the car when i had finished, i was that tired. But boy did i have fun! The day started out at 8.30am on Scarbrough beach, when we finially found the trailer. We found them by looking at all the people in the brightly coloured tops. There just happened to be a huge surf carnival on that day, so plenty of people around. We got suited up in spring suits (the short armed and leg wetsuits) then had to wear a rash vest over the top so that we could be spotted by our “coach” Gabby. She was a nice gal. The it was time to get some basic lessons and take it from there. We did the normal “this is how you get on” on the beach with the pretend paddling and stuff. We were only catching the white wash, but it was still about a foot (around that height anyhow). First few times were a bit of a disaster, and i managed to eat alot of sand, literally and also figuratively. My throat hurts from the amount of sea water that i swallowed. It was still great fun. The boards were quite thick, about 2 inches and wide too, around 1 1/2 foot. Nice and easy to get going on. I think i gave my self whip-lash falling into the water once. I fell forward and landed chest first with no hands in front of me to break the fall. Very sore after that encounter,so i decided to always try and fall backwards. Anyhow, after 4 hrs we were done with the beginners class. I would have been happy to stop there, but my sis (S4) had booked a full day! So we had some lunch (provided) and moved onward to the intermediate classes. I got a smaller board (in thickness). It was still 7’2″ and worked wonderfully. I also learnt on this one how to do “the pop”, i know there is a more technical term, but my mind isnt working right from all the sun and surf! After i had mastered that, i was meant to just be crusing in onto the beach all the time. I didn’t like the sound of that so i decided i would learn how to turn. I finally did it, only managed to turn to my right about 4 times, but it was soo much fun. It was a great day, i then proceeded to go home (to my folks) and sleep for the next 2 hrs, i was exhausted. 8 hours of surfing is hard core! That is my exciting day of surfing, im seriously thinking of going back again… for more lessons. There was also a hot chick that i wouldnt mind seeing again too (If only to be brave enough to ask her name), but that is besides the point… i’m there for the surfing 😛

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Friday Night

Tonight im going to have a veg out. I worked 11 hrs today, so i am stuffed. Layed about 500m2 of turf (rolled grass) and then had to run around perth for my boss to deliver other stuff work work..really pissed about that. So tonight i though i would down a 6 pack of beer, and watch some Season 2 of Scrubs. Maybe read my awesomely fantastic book and do what ever i want…because after all. It is friday night and im not working till Sunday,even then it is only for a few hours. Aww yeah!!

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