So i was thinking about what songs will be considered musical classics when im an “old fart”. You know there is always a radio station that plays “All the classics from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s” I might have been born at the beginning of the 80’s but i don’t remember all the supposed classic’s of the time. Sure there are some i remember like Belinda Carslie. I used to sing her songs, just a few years ago….. fun times were had by me. My workmates didn’t like it… not sure if it was the bad singing or the theatritics that went along with the song. But back to my thoughts about music so i was thinking that definately “Boom boom shake the room” by Venga boys won’t be in there. I know for sure that Nivarna- any song really and Bush “Glycerine” would be in there. Some songs just speak volumes for me.. the era of grunge. The funny thing was that i think i missed most of it. I was in Brasil when Nirvana and the rest of the grunge scene was exploding. All the questions i got asked were “Do you like Men at Work?”. I didn’t even know who Men at work were!! I would probably include “Gonna make you move” by C&C Music Factory and “Mr Vain” by Culture Beat. Whilst i didnt get heavy into the hole grunge thing lots i did tip into the more popular stuff. It might have seemed shallow, but believe it or not i didnt really own a radio for the whole time i was away, some 2 years. I only had CD’s to listen to, mostly my folks as well. So my music selection may be dated a bit. Coming into the noughtys i hope to high heaven that some songs dont get in ther, just cause they were popular. Like that stupid frog song…and that song where the it is about nothing. Hang on that is most popular songs theses days. Ahh crapsola, what happened to good old music? Did it suddenly get eaten up by the Music companies? Maybe it has yet to be discovered? Speaking of which i found a good new music site- 15 megs of fame. So yeh, i wonder what would be in your music classics?

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Got stung by 3 wasps today, sucked majorly. Has to finish work early cause it stung. It had nothing to do with the fact that we were hot and tired from working in the 37 degree heat (98.6 F). Nothing. At. All.

Things have slowed down a bit, still hate working in Landscaping, hopefully something will come along soon. Don’t know how much longer i can take the heat and the shitty work. I’ll keep on applying, and see what happens.

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Well bad new peoples. I had my interview, but didn’t get the job. 🙁 I was dissapointed but not really upset. It would have been cool working for that company, seeing that it was in mining and all. Hey i’m sure that there are heaps more good ones out there. The one thing that i am bummed about majorly is the fact that it breaks my 5 and 0 record. Now that is a 6 and 1 record. Hopefully it will stay in the right direction, low. With me getting more jobs than rejections.

Some other bad news that i have been meaning to tell you is that my sis that was pregnant, lost her baby. It has been a tough time for her, but she seems to be going ok with it all. It was a bit of a shock for me when i found out. I was kinda looking forward to being an Uncle. Oh well these things happen for a reason, im sure of it. Just need to find the reason.

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I got an interview! I found out Friday afternoon. The guy gave me a call as i was driving home, so i shoved him quickly onto crackly loudspeaker (my mobile is dying, both speakers are shot) and away he went, asking me a few questions about what time i would be available, how much notice would i need to give etc etc. He then ran back some 20 mins later and asked if i would like to come in on Wednesday and have an interivew. The job is with a company in the mining industry, it is a bit of help desk, bit of System Admin. Sounds like something i would really like to do. I have also been having a bit of interest from my old company as well. So things are moving right along for me. The sooner the better i say! I just realised a really creepy/ quirky fact. Most All full-time jobs i have gone for i have gotten. That freaks me out, seeing that out of the 5 or so jobs i’ve had so far, i got them all after having an interview. Hopefully this one won’t break the mould.

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Crossed lines

I just got a phone call from someone who didn’t call me. I didn’t call them either. He was just got off the phone with his cable provider, when my phone rang. Must have had some weird cross lined thing happening. It took us about 3 minutes to work out the fact that neither one of us called, ended up being quite funny. He even thanked me for calling. I wonder if i could have struck up a random conversation about the state of world affairs or why camera flashes give you the little white lights when you stare at them.

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Australia Day

Today, the 26th of January is Australia Day. The one day you can drink shit tins of piss, eat bogan food (it is illegal 364 days of the year), be a yobbo and basically let your real Aussie colours come out. The day can either be spend watching the cricket, tennis or some other sporting event. As long as an Australian is playing or it is being played in Australia counts. So sit back and do the Aussie thing for the day. Nothing. Enjoy the surrounds whilst sucking back on a tinnie or two. So charge ‘ya beers or wine…which ever you fancy and have one for me. I’ll try and have one for everyone else.:D

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The thing-a-magiggy bob

I’m staying at my folks place for a few days, everytime i come up i usually do some gardening of physical labour of some sort. But not this time, this time i’m resting. Oh the joys of watching other people work whilst you sit back and take in a good book, the score in the tennis or just walking around the house trying to scare/ wake up the cat.

My mum tends to have a problem with naming things right. I think this is a general mother problem. Some call it similar Alzheimer’s, i like to refer to it as “Mum Syndrome”. It usually is apparent after a few years raising kids. The word for spoon becomes “that thingy-ma gig”. The word for a knife becomes “the cutty cutty thing”. And so on. There is one clause to this though, the arm movements which describe the action of what implement she is after. So when mum wanted me to fetch some implements from the shed for her gardening exploits, she described them as, “the claw thingy”, “the digging thingy”, the thingy-ma-giggy-dooby wack” and “the thingo” Now to anyone else you would go, Huh??. And so did I, so i ended up getting all the smaller tools from the shed that i could find, and brang them back to her. I didn’t get the right one still. So i went back and got all the larger tools, the shovels, spades, you name it, i got it. I got the right tool eventually.

So there is one thing im not looking forward to, the fact that i sometimes to this as well.. maybe it isn’t just a mum thing after all. Hopefully though i can change things around, anyone know any good memory classes?

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Watched an Australian Movie the other night, whilst i normally don’t tend to like the Aussie movies. I do like to give them a chance. Seeing that i hadn’t seen one in quite a while, i thought this one would be good. I forgot to read the warnings on the cover.

“MA (Mature Audience), Strong Sex scenes ”

Now i normally don’t cringe when i see that, i normally do the male thing of
“yes sex scenes!!, slightly naked women”. Not this time, i was watching this movie with my folks and my youngest sister. It felt awkward to me, see i haven’t watched to many movies with the folks that have a sexual tone to them. To add to this we are not a family that talks about sex to much, not that i want to know what my folks get up to. (ewww visual images, not good!!! :-/ ) It was a good movie, had a strong undertone of one finding themselves thru the happenings of the past. I don’t want to say to much, cause i might spoil it for you.

Anyhow, i liked the movie, check it out if you can. Peaches.

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Weight it down

Well i thought you would like to know, after some hard work…lots of junk food and healthy stuff as well. I have managed to finally gain some weight! Yipee!!! 😀 Mind you it might be all the hard work im doing at the moment with work. Moving lots of mulch, and soil, and pavers and other boring and repetative things. I have gained 3kg (8lbs) of muscle in about 2 months. Now i know that is really nothing to write home about, but seeing that it has taken me ages to actually gain weight and i had trouble last year with losing weight for no reason. The funny thing about it though is that i might have become a bit vein about it all. Each morning i weigh myself, just to make sure that im not losing weight or that it isn’t a dream. Maybe i should hand the scales back to my sister?

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Its a Wrap

Well two thousand and five has come and gone. Now we are onto two thousand and six. Man time travels fast when lots is happening. I thought i would do a wrap up of the year for me.. It has been a tough and fun year, lots going on.


  • Quit my job
  • Packed up my house


  • Drove across Australia, from Sydney to Perth
  • Blew up Moses, well the engine anyhow in a small town in the middle of no where, Nyngan


  • Started my Horticulture Course
  • Nothing exciting happened this month





  • Started training and running long distances to get fit. It only made me loose weight, something i dont really need to do.
  • First post in WordPress.. and im still learning CSS too :/






This is just a summary, and infact lots more has gone on, but unfortunately, or is that fortunately? i can’t remember it all. I wish everyone the best of New Years and hope that you live your dreams, cause it sucks to live life and have regrets.

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