Well im a bit worried atm, my Nanna is in hospital. She fell over on the train. At first they thought it wa a heart attack or a stroke. Now they are thinking it was just abit of temporary amnesia type of thing. Anyhow it is a bit worring… seeing that she is on the other side of the country and all. But i know that she is in good hands……seeing that the other half of the family is on that side. They don’t think that anything permanant is wrong.. just got a bruised hand from falling over. Will have to see how things progresss…. i hate the waiting game, sucks!

[Edit:] If you read the comments, you will see that it looks like she will be ok…. thanks for all the encouragement [/Edit]

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Flying away

Right, as you all know. I work outside… being the beginning of summer the flies have just started. Now i dont know if is just the flies or me. They just seem to be really dumb and fucking annoying! The worst is when they get behind your sun glasses, and rattle around between your eyelids and the glasses frame. Kind of like a mini massage i supose you could say. Not a very nice massage, but still, its free. Seriously they are just stupidly fucking annoying.

Now i have had the unfortunate luck of a “catch and release” incident with flies. I was breathing (as you do), i closed my mouth to stop the fly going in my mouth, cause there were so many of the little bastards around. I managed to catch said fly in my lips, thought “WTF! i caught a fly with my lips”. Then proceeded to promptly opened them up and let him fly away. But not before a stern talking too mind you!…. just so he dont get any further ideas or go jabbering on with his cousins and other relatives about what a fun time it is getting stuck in other peoples lips. Hopefully this can be counted as some sorta community service notice against flies.

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Stupidisms #1

Now some people say that i say stupid things… i have found out where i get them from…..

Mum patting me on the back
Me: “Dont pat me on the back, im sun burnt”
Mum: “what from??”
Me: “ahhh…the sun”

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Im banned baby!

This may seem like no big deal to lots of you, but i do get a little kick out of this. I haven’t had anything of mine blocked before on the web. So too get blocked, for me is quite a privilage. *tear*

I’m not exactly sure why they would block my site…not like i have lots of truck loads fucking swearing or any type of obscene “cut your head off with a butter knife” kinda violence on here. Maybe it is the catergory “plant porn” that has triggered the filters concern. What ever it maybe, i’m just happy cause I’m blocked baby!

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To busy to think

Im flat out atm, i work 4 days a week and study 3 days. This leaves me 1 day to relax, when i really should be doing stuff, like study and assignments. I find that i need to have 1 day to bum around, i like to read, and sit on the PC until stupidly insane hours of the morning on IRC. I wasn’t much of a ” book reader” till i got given/ lent some good books to read. Im currently reading Microserfs….it is a big book. Probably one of the biggest i have read since……ever really. I enjoy it, reading that is. Relaxes me, i never knew it could be fun to read. Im finding it fun to escape to another world, thinking about what makes the characters tick, which way the story will go and the way that writers put their thoughts down onto the page.

Reading is good Champions, it makes my life have a sense of normality to it. 😀

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……You have just won an early heart attack! My sister (S2) organised an early (by one day) 25th b’day party for me. Boy was i stunned…i was shaking from the amount of adrenalin pumping thru my body for the next 15mins. I had NOidea of what was going on, not a single clue. I kind of thew a spanner in the works though, well the weather did that. I was meant to be at College till 4pm, then go out to have a few drinks with my mate at a pub, till about 5.30pm, then everyone would be waiting for me when i got home, some 30-40mins later. I ended up getting home at like 5.30pm. I even hung at my mates place for quite a few hours like 2.5hrs….even managed to install Window 98 and Windows XP on one machine! Yes a double install! I also drank some really shit beer to.

So when i rocked up at home, my other sister (S5), which just moved over from Sydney had to pretend that she was having an argument with my S2, the one i live with….just to keep me out of the house a bit longer. It worked i stayed out of the house a further 30mins, mind you i did stop off any buy some lactose free chocolate.I ended up getting lost on the way to the beach, to show S5 where i liked to go and think…a nice look-out over the Sound. It was then that i starting to get annoyed at S2, cause she upset my younger sis, S5! I was like “Fuck this.. if i want to go home and get ready to go out, and do shit in my home i can!!, It is MY fucking house as well” I was under the impression that S2 and S5 were taking me out on the town for a few drinks.

NOTE: This is getting awefully confusing with S2 and S5….

Little did i know that i was going to almost have a coronary when i walking in from the Garage! Some people weren’t able to suprise me. Cause of the fact that i turned up early, and traffic factors. Mind you if there were more people there, i might have had a literal heart attack. There were about five i can’t remember how many ppl there were, :P. It was great to see so many of my friends turn up, lots of people from the forum turned up, and even a few from College. Everyone had party poppers, you know the ones you use at NYE, with the little paper bits in there… that is what hurt my heart, and ears…

I loved all the pressie’s that i got, i won’t list them all but i got a mint account (mmm minty goodness), thinkgeek voucher (mmm geek tee’s) a plant (mmm, a plant??), money and heaps more stuff. It is cool having a birthday…. the pressies are the good part, getting older isn’t so much fun.

I had lots of fun, it was a great night. I managed to put the pieces together later though, and saw lots of sneaky stuff going on. If only i had noticed it earlier!! Oh well, i’m kinda glad that i didn’t know would have spoilt it. I found out later as well, that Kitta set up a secret thread on the Forum all about my party, sneaky….. I also found out that my sis (S2) had emailed all the people from the forum and college friends as well, all without my prior knowledge!! sneaky… And no one even hinted at anything.

Well Champions there is heaps of photos available to view on Flickr and thanks to everyone that came……. you made it a great night!!

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I love my job atm

Right, i might not have been doing it for long. That is besides the point. 2 days is a long time 😛 I have been studying Landscaping for about 3 months now (plus another 6 months doing Horticulture). I have just picked up 2 days a week working from the Retail Nursery where i work on weekends. Yes they have a Landscaping company coming off the Nursery. Well anyhow, i just like the manual labour.

I used to work in IT. I was a support/ training/ hardware/installs guy. I used to travel heaps, i liked it. Then i got bored, and questioned why i was doing IT. I had studied IT for 3 years at College, and came out with a Diploma. I played “the game” for 2 years, then decided to move on. Now don’t get me wrong….i still love playing with PC’s and knowing all the latest shit that is happening (i.e. Flock, Web 2.0) I also love getting out into the outdoors and making stuff too. I like the feeling of having an end result. I guess the same can be said for anything (coding comes to mind). I have always liked making stuff, i got that from my Pa. He put something of his own on anything. Moses is a result of that, it has a 12v switch at the front to power a (non-existant) fan.

I also like the feeling of coming home completely grubby (dirty), tired, sore muscles and hungry. To me, that means that i have done something productive. It also helps that i get a kick ass tan, so i’ll be a bit browner the next time people see me. Just got to get the guts up to take the shirt off on-site, or at least wear the old WB (wife beater). I give myself a few more weeks, i dont want to get TOO much skin cancer!

What makes you happy, Champions?

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I’m teh shit!!!

Well i was jumping around the house this arvo, as i tend to do when good stuff happens. I was bummed that Phobia got a Wp.com invite, and that i didn’t. So to my suprise when i got home this arvo, what did i see…but a WP.com invite for me!! Now that sounds really silly, almost like a rhyme.

I’m so excited…im not sure what i am going to do with the space though. I want to invite what topics i should cover in said free blog. Maybe i should cover stuff related to plants? i can’t seem to find any good blogs on Plants and Landscaping! I could be the first person to cover Landscaping in Perth!! I’ll be like the guru, ok……maybe i wont go that far. It would just be fun to document my ideas about how the landscape industry is developing in Perth.

I am open to other ideas, so let me know Champions.

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Bloody Love songs

Right, let me get this straight from the outset. I don’t mind the odd love song. Let me say that again, just incase you missed it, the ODD love song. I have been working both Saturday and Sunday, in my Retail Nursery Job. Whilst i love it to bits, there is one thing that pisses me off, ill give you a second to figure it out.

Yep you got it…….the music. I listened to love songs for 8 hrs on Sunday and 5 hrs on Saturday. Now let me tell you, it isn’t different CD’s either. It is the same Mind Mumbling-ly Sickening Sad Soppy CD. Yes there are a few good ones on there. And by few i mean like 2. But Celin Dion (or however it is spelt), Desiree (from Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet) and other various shockers that i can’t think of now don’t tend to make up good listening for me. That is why i tend to go outside, where the music isnt as loud, thus i can’t hear it and be brain-washed by its evil influences of mushy-ness, toward my fellow woman.

I must admit though, that if i decided to get off my lazy ass and actually make a CD that i wanted to listen to, i could play it on the CD player, would just need to be chilled out. I can handle that, i liked chilled out. It makes the day go faster when you have music that rocks on the stereo. Didn’t you know that it is a Scientific fact?

Why do love songs always need to be so crappy and predictable? Seriously they all say the exact same things. “Oh i love you…..you loved me…we were happy….now i can’t love you/love you more than ever……sleep with me/i hate your fucking guts” etc etc That sorta stuff,just makes my head go….arrrrgh give it up already. Love is fun, sure it hurts when it fails, but fuck stop writing about it. Isn’t there a song out there already that expresses what you feel? I’m sure in the 2005+ years of human existance someone has said exactly what you want to say. Try fucking google-ing it.

All i know is i don’t like love songs Champions.

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Something looks familiar

I don’t know about you guys, but these logos look remarkable similar to me. Sure they totally different companies.There is just something about the little blobs that catches my eye. Maybe i’m being drawn by the blobby-ness of the logos?

BHP vs Flock

I’ll leave it up to you Champions…

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