I got Flocked!!

Yes i did. I don’t know whether it was the Flock tummy that i did, or actually asking for a Tee. Still the outcome was the same, i got me a 100% authentic “Get Flocked” Tee. Im so proud of it, first thing in ages that i have got for free. I’m going to wear it proudly to College next week, when i have Mr Fucken Areshole’s class and hope that he takes it the wrong way. (oh please god let it happen like that :evil:) The only thing im not looking forward to is the 20 something ppl that are going to be asking “WTF is Flock?”, “You got that Tee how, by showing your tummy on the internet?”
Ok so i can try and explain what it is, probably won’t describe it the right way. Most likely though, they will not understand a word that i say. Don’t forget people, that Landscapers/Horticulturalist aren’t the most technologically advanced people in the world. They like to work outside, in the sun. I know this sounds frightening to most Geeks/Nerds. But it is true, sorry to burst any bubbles peoples.

Seeing as though i have no chance of beating the female the form, with there nice tummy’s. I have decided to change tact. I have decided to let my muscles do the talking. Not im not talking about hitting anyone. I’m talking about using my muscles instead of the tummy. I know that mine aren’t the biggest or anything but they are finitely sculpted onto my frame. So i decided to use a feminie role model as my idea, with some help of course from Flock devs. So here it is the new Flock tummy, well not really a tummy. It still has to go up against Flock tummy though.

Do i even have a fleeting chance Champions?

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Damn Colds

There is only one thing that i hate more than being incapacitated, and that is being sick. I just can’t stand it. The constant coughing, running nose, thick head. Grrrr, im glad that i dont get sick very often. I knew it was coming on too, got the sore throat a few days before hand. The awesomely fantastic news is that it is right in the middle of my College holidays, yippee. I wanted to spend all my time sick and not working. I was meant to work today, but i called it off, i would have had to catch 4 buses and leave home at 5am, to get there by 8:30am. Not my idea of fun, even when your well. So i sat at home, and tried to get some rest, didn’t work. I ended up going to the shops for a few hours. Nothing like spreading your sickness with everyone else.

One bug or annoyance that i have is, why do they have to make cough medicine taste so ridiculously terrible? I know that they try to make it taste nice, but it doesn’t work. Are they not putting enough effort into getting it taste nice? I’m sure that there should be a medical research centre devoted to the taste of cough medicine!!!

Why doesn’t it exist Champions?

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To show or not….that is the question

Well it has come, the annual Blogger Boobie-thon. I am thinking about going in it. The proceeds go to charity, like the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Haven’t decided yet though. I know some people may think that it is grose for a guy to show nip. But i’m sure that if i can manage to do it in an artistic way, i might be able to get away with it. Not like i have to show my face or anything….Pressure has been applied to me from Jennifer over at Geeksmakemehot, to participate.

Boobiethon 2005

The other reason i might do it is cause i have already shown my tummy over the internet, so what is a bit of nip? So it isn’t like i am up tight about showing my body over the internet. Sure, boobies are nice, who doesn’t like boobies? But i am sure chicks like to see naked guys boobies too, right? Why can’t they have some fun as well. Just give me some time….. i know i only have a few days, but hey. I’m sick at the moment (darn colds!!! πŸ™ )

Anyone got any good ideas on how i can do it artistically, champions?

*Edit* I have now submitted my pic for the Boobiethon. I think it looks good, but we will see who can pick it. I was going to do some more, but ran out of good light. Who knows i might upload some more at a later date. */Edit*

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News just in….

Moses is to live. I have decided to keep Moses, my car. It will cost me a few hundred dollars, but over the long run, it isn’t that much. I think i can still get my new pc as well. Fingers crossed. It took me a few days to decide what to do, but i’m happy with my decision and now just want him back on the road ASAP. I am going to be working full time and possibly every Saturday and Sunday from now till December. I went out and looked at a few cars the other day, and i did like them, but i discovered some of the problems in finding a new car. They don’t match up with Moses. They were quality cars. I lobve Moses, in a car-ly way, nothing more. He has been the only thing that has been going ok over the last year. Oh except for the time he blew his whole engine in the middle of the outback, and the time that his brakes broke, and the time he had bald tyres. But apart from that, he is a good reliable guy. Mr “Always Dependable” Moses. Ok, sure there is a bit of sentiment in there as well, he was my mum’s Dad’s car- Pa. People say i look like him, i don’t know. I do like to tinker with things, so maybe we are alike.

I can’t wait for Moses to be back home, Champions only a few weeks πŸ˜€

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Champion of plant town

Well i have finally done it. After one and a half semesters, i beat Abby in a plant knowledge test. I’m so happy. The monkey/plant is off my back. Ok that was a bad joke, i know. Mind you i did pass the test as well, so it wasn’t like i failed and still beat her. I think i got better score than my last test.

Disclaimer: Besides the fact that Abby has been really sick for the last week and hasn’t come to College at all. She missed the id section for 7 out of 10 plants that were in the test. Was half cut and sleep deprived, as usual (she parties hard). She still managed a respectable score. She believes that next time my ass will be grass. Bring it on, i am invincable.(or so i like to think at this time)

I am now the Champion of Plant Town, behold my mighty wisdom. Just don’t ask me anything about plants πŸ˜›

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Cars go bye-bye

I crashed my car today. I’m not going to lay blame. All i know is i’m as sore as anything, i have a bit of whiplash. Need to find out tommorrow if the car is written off or not. The towing guy thought it was. I have full insurance. Lucky i have 2 weeks holidays now. Time to find a new car. I loved my car, it was a pumping beast. Ok maybe not a beast, but it was economical and got me from A to B well. Kitta and Candy liked to call it the “Single mum magnet” Basically cause of the fact that it had room for child seats. Which i suppose it was, cause i got SOOO many single mums asking for lifts home, NOT. I do live in Rockingham, the place that has the highest rate of single mums in AUSTRALIA. Yep that is right, pitty they are all skanks.

Well champions, where did i put that deep heat for my neck.

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Flock me!

Well this is it, i’ve had. I mean i find the website, i research it, i subscribe to be a beta tester. I ask Kitta about what it is, seeing that she normally knows what is going on in San Francisco these days. All because Sergio has moved up there with his new job at Slide.com. She doesn’t know what it is. She says that she will ask Sergio, cool. I wait 24hrs, then go “fuck it, i’ll do a bit of a searchy thingie-ma-bob”. I find out that it is a really cool, new browser. Basically it is a 2 way web browser with everything in one, blogging, bookmarking etc. Kind of like an Office Suite for the internet. It looks fucken cool. So there i am, telling Kitta about it. When she drops this on me…..

Kitta: speaking of flock, Joe sent me an email today asking if he could send me flock swag : )

How rude, i mean seriously. How the hell did she get ahead in the queue for a swag? She hasn’t even registered to be a beta tester!!! I guess it could have been beacause of this, The “technorati tummy”.She did win an award for it. So i have decided that i am going to get back at them with their own ball game.

Gussy: they just want advertising
Gussy: like technorati
Gussy: with your tummy πŸ˜›
Kitta: yep he said “we here at flock don’t wan’t to be outdone by technorati”
Kitta: I love how people send me free l33t exclusive swag πŸ˜€
Gussy: I want free stuff too πŸ™
Kitta: well you need to show some skin πŸ˜‰
Gussy: I was thinking of doing that
Gussy: but it might turn ppl off

So i am going to commit myself, here on this blog to bring you the FIRST flock tummy photos in the next few days. It will outdo all other Technorati tummy’s, even Phaulyand,Eris (ok it isn’t a tummy, bit it is showing some skin :P). My main aim is to beat Kitta at her own game, before she even gets started. I have a few ideas hitten away, so just wait for them. I just hope i can stop the steam train before it starts.

This is WAR champions.

Ps If anyone related to Flock is reading this, i would like to ask politely beg for a swag πŸ™‚

EDIT: I have now uploaded my Flock pic to Flickr. Hopefully i will gag the Flock guys into giving me a swag. I somehow don’t think that it will work… just by the first few comments.

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Weigh it up, again

Well considering the amount of responses i have had to my last post about this, i think it has finally hit me. I really am to skinny. I was looking at myself in the mirror today, when i noticed VEINS ON MY TUMMY!! Scared the shit out of me. I was like, WTF??? (What the fuck, for you n00bs) when did this happen. They have never been there before. Not just little ones faint ones either, you can acutally feel them. Like if they were in your arm, raised and all.

So i went into a health food store today, and asked about weight suppliments. Bloody hell!! talk about expensive, $45 for 1kg of carb loaded stuff. The dude said that i would use it all in 1 week, then he started going on about geting the 2kg tub, that costs like $85……you think i would be made of money or something. I might and pick some up from the discount bin!! I am thinking that i just might start by eating more carbs, ie potato, pasta and rice.

I have found that the only thing keeping my pants up, besides the belt are my hips πŸ™ Scary stuff. I should take some photos, just so i know never ever to get this skinny again. The good news is that apparently guys metabolisms tend to slow down when they hit 25. He also said that genetics have a large part to play in it all. My dad didn’t start getting a gut until he was like 35-40. Oh well guess that everything isn’t that bad, my abs look great πŸ˜› πŸ˜†

Mmm, Carbs… i’m off for some hot Chips from the F&C shop, Champions

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Fucken Mr Asshole

Right, here is the G-O. I am studying Landscaping at College, and i have to take an irrigation course. I need to know all about the type of fittings and how they go together etc. So today we were using Poly pipe, PVC Pipe and different thread sizes. Now these all have different circumferences, so you can imagine all the shit that is whirling around in my head. There are 3 different sizes for each pipe or thread. You can’t use a tape to measure them, cause they aren’t that size, you can’t compare the 2 sizes that say they are the same, cause they aren’t. It just pisses me off, i got confused by the thread sizes and the poly pipe sizes.

Do you really think that i give a shit that the poly pipe thread is 19mm and not 20mm? And that the size of PVC pipe is not standard with Poly pipe?? NO i dont give a rats arse, im learning this to get thru the course. If i need to learn it, i will learn it in the field. It is not like im doing this course to be an irrigation specialist, even though you think i am. I’M NOT!!!!

WHAMMO!!! CHOMP, CHOMP!! I get my head fucken bitten off, geez you would think that i have committed murder or killed his favourite irrigation tool. I took it once, i just tried harder to get it into my head.

Didn’t work, so the next time i got them wrong, he bit it off again, so i sorta snapped. I told him that this is the first time that i have done anything to do with stupid irrigation and that i was told to come into this class by the fucken course supervisor, so stop hanging shit on me and help me to learn. He was like “oh you need to go back a level and start with the basics”. I was like meh, fuck you dickhead. We then had a break, and i found out that everyone that had done the course before, didn’t even know as much as me!! So that made me feel a little bit better, knowing that i wasn’t that far behind. Even though Mr Asshole said i was.

The thing that really pissed me off the most, was about 1 hr from the end of class he started to kiss butt. Like major butt. He was saying “oh your not going that bad, your doing really well” “You guys will be fine” etc etc. I don’t know if i want to go to his classes again, he just is like a fucken see-saw. Cool one week, and an absolute dick jockey the next. I’m starting to think that he is actually a woman going thru Menopause, cause it is so annoying. Oh and another thing, he wears shirts that are like 2 size to large for him, dude you look like a dick. Shirts come down to your elbow, not cover it completely. I have not gone to his classes before cause of the way that he treats people, just an absolute wanker.

DonΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ’β€žΒ’t be a Mr Asshole to people that your trying to teachΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ‚Β¦. Ok, Champions?

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Weigh it up

I am getting to skinny. I have lost about 6kg since i moved to perth about 8 months ago. I’m sure that my exercise routine hasn’t helped me gain weight either. I did have a pretty full on routine there for a while. It was weights, running and kayaking. I’ll let you in on some bio on me, I’m 6’4″ (195cm) and i weight 76kg now…. pretty skinny huh!?
So yeh, i need to find simple ways to gain weight. I think my problem is, I don’t like eating can’t be bothered. I used to love it, boy how things change. That is how i got my Nickname, Gussy. Cause i ate all the time, like almost 24/7. I don’t think getting up early is helping either, cause i don’t feel like eating till like 9-10am. By then im usually in a class or working, so i can’t really eat then. I tend to ignore when my stomach is hungry, i just use mental telephathy to tell it that it really isn’t that hungry, and if it could possibly wait until maybe 12-1pm, that it would get some food then. I usually only eat a piece of fruit for breakfast, maybe 2 sandwiches for lunch, and then a normal dinner. No snacks really. I don’t like the bloated feeling i get after eating a bit meal these days, i get put off by it. Feels uncomfortable.
I find that water is a great help also in supressing the food cravings. I tend to bloat myself on water, so the pains go away. I have been told off by several people, that it isn’t healthy and stuff. I know it ain’t healthy, but i can’t be buggered getting food into my gob. Think of all the effort to chew it and then you have to process it πŸ˜›

My pants are starting to get looser as well, i have had to up the notch on the belt, or risk my daks falling down. Scary stuff. I bought some new jeans, not 2 months ago, at the end of financial year sales, they were a snug fit then and now they are falling off me. I know that jeans streach and stuff, but like enough to put a fist down the front and still have a little room?? I don’t think so. Think i might need to do something about this.

Now where is that blender, champions…..

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