Bee’s Knees

I fucked my knee again. I don’t think that i hurt it as bad this time, but it still hurts when i turn in particular directions. Damn running, might have to give it up and become a weight’s guru. I even stopped before it started to hurt!! I am starting to think that by body is starting to decompose early, well maybe not decompose- just break down. I suppose all the shit that it has had to stand up to thru the years. I have had a good run, compared to lots of other people. Who Well at least the parts of my body that i’ve broken aren’t giving me stress. I am thinking i will give running a rest for say, 6 weeks, and then see how it stands up.

Value your body, Champions. It’s the only one you get 😛

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New site

Well some of you might have noticed that i have updated my site a bit. I have moved the location of the blog. It now has front and centre stage. It has grown up, and it getting older. I have kicked the tables with images out the door. I did get a big boot up the arse from Kitta and Phobia. And a few other people on the Forum. So i’ll see if they can come back to, :P. Well it is really late/early(4.40am) and im tried a from all the stuffing around and fucking up of my site that i did. I would still like to get somethins to work on this site that aren’t working yet, but they will work out soon.

So please update your links or anything to be and not I have a redirect in there at the moment, but i will move it in about 2 months or so. Ok Champions, im off to the land of dreams and fun stuff.

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PMS symptoms

Well this week i have felt like a woman on PMS…. up on cloud 9 one minute, down in the depths of hell the next. I don’t like feeling like this, i wish i could put a cap on my emotions sometimes. Although that ain’t to healthy, it would be nice. One minute i can be going off to a song and the next i’m a dribbling mess, then like 2 minutes later i’m back to “normal”. What ever “normal” is??

It doesn’t help when you go to work and all they play, all day are “The Greatest Love songs” CD. I think i heard the song by Elton John called “Nikita” about 6 times. Funny how a week is a long time, this time last week. I loved hearing that song, this week i almost dislike it. Still a good song though.

I went to Noodlez place last night, tried to get drunk. Didn’t happen, i just wasn’t in the mood. No one was drinking with me. i did manage to get thru about 1/3 a bottle of whisky though, but didn’t feel at all drunk 🙁 So that made things a bit hard, we did watch Takeshi’s Castle. That is one freaky ass show.

They say time heals all wounds, i must say it might be true, Champions

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plant test 2

Well it finally happened, i equalled Abby on a Plant id test!! I also passed this time. Last test i failed, cause i missed a week and then i didnt know what the plants looked like. I still screw up on these plants. But anyhow, im exicited cause normally Abby comes in and blitzes me on them, no matter how hard i study. So im glad i equallied her at least. Next step is to beat her, i only need like 1/2 mark to do that, so yeah. Heres to hoping.

Latin is a screwed language- don’t learn it!!!, champions

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its over…..

Well, i am not dating kitta anymore 🙁 It all happened last night, i was a dick on the weekend. I apologised for being a dick, but there were greater forces at play. We were going out for just under a week. It was the best week i have had in a long time. This isn’t going to be a long post, cause i’m still upset about it all. It is a bit fresh to talk about. I have learnt some important lessons from that week though.

Hopefully there is light at the end of the rainbow, champions.

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New uniform

OH MY GOD, i look so gay. I mean really, a fluro pink. Couldn’t they have chosen a nicer colour? I mean i don’t look good in pink. They do have green shirts as well, but they ran out of them, they are fluro green too. I have quit my last job at the ISP, and picked up a few weeks work with both the retail side and landscape side of things. I am going to enjoy working with people, outside and stuff. Hopefully this will be a lead into a whole new realm of working. I still can’t believe why i have to wear a pink shirt.
 Pink gay shirt

Champions i’m so Metrosexual 😛

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City to Surf III-The Saga Continues

Well i got my results for the city to surf. NOT HAPPY JAN. The stupid timing thing, BROKE!!! they weren’t even going to have finishing times up at all. I recieved an email explaining what happened. I don’t like it, i smell something mouldy. I think that are blaming the rain for making it stop. I don’t care what they say, it took me around 4 mins or more to get over the start line. I’m claiming i did 12k in under an hour. You can try and talk me out of it, i won’t listen. *la la la la la la la*

This from the email that i got today….

“The extremely wet conditions at the start certainly added another dimension to the event, but judging by the positive atmosphere at both the 12km and 4km start lines, did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of participants. Not only did the rain result in a sodden start, but also caused a number of logistical problems for event organisers, staff and volunteers. At the start and finish lines a number of generators malfunctioned resulting in disruption to communication, the band and some catering facilities. Along the course, the volume of water on the roadways in places caused some challenges for participants hoping for a clear run.

Timing Equipment

The very heavy, prolonged rainfall in the early morning also resulted in extensive damage to the timing equipment at the 12km and 4km start lines and as a result, start times were not able to be recorded by the timing mats. Fortunately, the weather had lifted sufficiently at City Beach Oval to allow for accurate recording of the finish times for participants wearing transponders. The result of this is that unfortunately net times are unavailable for the timed participants in the event, however gun times were recorded. “

Lame i say, generators failing. C’mon im sure there could have been other backup generators???
Guess i’m just pissed that i dont have an offical time to say, yes i did. That is the best race that i have EVER run. I felt as though i could have kept running all day, you know when you are just in the groove? i was in that groove, it was great. Oh well, im sure there is always next year….

Exercise is the spice of life champions.

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International Blog Day

Well, to some of you it might not be interesting. I reckon it is. So in the true tradition of blog day, i will post 5 new blogs. Well some of my fav’s anyhow, and some new ones……….

Well there you go, a nice little collection of site for you to look at. Some explaining what is going on, other just picked from random. And more that i like to visit.

Share the world champions.

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Am i the most hated man on the Internet?

Well some might think i am. Some wouldn’t know, and some wouldn’t give a rats (arse that is), some would be happy. Not to many people i think, except for close friends. But i now have a girlfriend. 😀 If i could put a bigger smiley face, i would. I’m over the moon!!! Most people know the feeling probably, of getting to know someone, then finally asking them out. This though was a different type of start to a relationship. It started over the Net. Now before you start thinking, Oh my god how did you know it was a chick, and not some 40 year old bald hairy guy. To tell you the truth, i didn’t. But i believed the pics that i saw, and just trusted her. Let me start from the begining sorta…..

I had just moved over from Melbourne, so had no friends. Life was shitty, i went to TAFE (College) and back on the bus. That was my excitement for the whole day. I was living in a brand new house in a brand new suburb. It was sleepsville. I then started getting on the net at nights, and looking for blogs. I was new to the blogosphere and wanted to get a feel for different blogs. They had really peaked my curiousity, why would people write stuff and put it on the net? I like that approach. SO back to the story. I was there searching different things thru blogger. Yes i started off in a blogspot account. I thought that was almost the whole blogosphere. Then i thought, hey lets do a search and see if i can find local blogs. Ones from around Perth. So i did, and came up with some search engine blog post things. I think i went to the Microsoft, pin point site thingo one. It was shitty, but i linked from there to another site and then onto another. It might have been Bloglines, im not sure. Anyhow it had a listing of the top blogs from Perth. There i found and I also found Bonwag, they looked good. She was a 20 something gal from the same area as me. Sweet i though, maybe i could make some friends thru this, and i quickly joined the forum. I had never even joined a forum or anything before. I think i was in one of those “Fuck it, i’ll give it a go” moods. I’m glad that i did 😀

The people in there are tops, a bit weird yes. I think sometimes we need a on-page Head examiner. It was fun to feel like part of a group of people. Lots of them were from perth too, so that made it better. Some possible friends in the future?? Who knows. I received a few PM’s from Kitta, she seemed nice. Then some suggested setting an IRC channel up. Big mistake, i haven’t slept normal hours since that damn creation was made!!! I think my study may be slightly affected, but it is SO much fun. I get on great guns with everyone. It then started, q’db. I dispise that thing. I look like a drongo, seriously. Me + no sleep = freaky weird ass comments. Don’t get me wrong, i do like it, makes me laugh. It started out slowly with Kitta. Firstly the general things, then we started getting to know each other. It was so much fun. I think everytime i left the chat, i felt like i was missing out on something. My nights were incomplete with out being on IRC. I even stopped watching Neighbours!!

So we chatted for a few months online, i like it liked that. I could be myself without having to be all “hey sweet cakes, your eyes come from heaven” bullshit. I don’t think i have ever used a pickup line on anyone. I know bit weird, but hey i’m a bit of a shy kinda guy around girls. I can chat to them fine, but anything more and i go “hey you’ve got nice boobies, oh crap i didn’t mean to say that” I have 4 sisters, so i know that chicks are just normal people, just with different bits. (Do i get a prize for that :P) I treat them like a gentleman would. Old fashioned i know, but hey that is me. I know that i am going to be coping crap for this, but i need to display my excitement somewhere!

I must admit i was scared of her looks for a while. It was like “Damn! this chicka likes me!!!??” I still don’t get it. I was smiling all last night, just knowing she is MY girlfriend (in a non-possessive way). Ok, then came the time i had to actually met her in the flesh. It was at Candy’s 21st Party. I was nervous as hell. It turned out to be a good night, lots of fun had by all. I liked her too, she is fun to be around. I couldn’t stop thinking about the next time i could see her. I was/am still travelling around a lot with my part time job, it is at the other end of the city. I am quitting that job soon. I have picked up something more to my liking. That is another blog.

So where was i……. oh yeah. She invited me around to Candy’s place, cause she was showing Candy how to use WordPress. I learn’t a few things as well. Like that beautiful “link button” in WP, it has been going in O/D in this post. We then lined up the next meeting, My house last night. I didn’t have anything planned. I just wanted to see how it went. I was thinking of just chatting or something, but then i thought of a DVD, we went and got out Hitched. Funny movie, learnt some things for later though ;). She was snuggling up to me, it was so cool. I after the movie, i asked her the corny question- “will you be my girlfriend?” i felt a bit dicky asking, but needed to know! Of course she said yes, i then kissed her forehead, and promptly dropped her home. The end.

Hope i got someone with that, cause it didnt end there, we kissed and that is all you need to know. So maybe i am one hated men of the internet? who know, who give a flying fuck? All i know is im going out with a wonderful chick named Kitta and your NOT, so :P.

Champions, the sun can’t hold me back, my smile is so much brighter.

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Good sore

I woke up today stiff all over. It was a feeling that i tend to like and dispise at the same time. I like it cause i can look back at why i’m sore. Running the City to Surf was great fun. I just need a good massage or a bit of deep heat to help get rid of the soreness. My shoulders are the sorest, cause they were in the same position for like 1hr. I tried to run with my arms by my side, then i thought i looked like a bit of a dick. So i stopped that. I guess water will be my friend today as well. I think it helps to release the toxins that build up in the muscles. Oh water, how i love thee. I think you shall be called “waterina”. Right now that sounds a bit nutso, i think that i should lay off the vodka water. Oh i forgot to update you on the knee, it is ok now, just must have been a temporary thing.It is still stuffed, lucky i’m sitting down all day in front of my PC doing assignments. I’ll test it out later on this week when i go for a jog 🙂 Still might need the nurse to look at it though;).

Good sore is fun champs. 🙂

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