Busy busy like pumpkin

Well that would be the case if i pumpkins could actually do something other than grow and look good and be eaten and all orange and stuff. Anyhow…back to the important stuff. I am super busy at the moment. I have 2 projects on the go, and training and 2 jobs. It is awesome, plus i might be starting to go to the gym so i look super hot and buff for my lady when she arrives. Rar!

So the 2 projects? Well they are a bike share for Golden, which is cool but not sure if it will float. There are loads of obstacles, such as helmets, insurance and such. We shall see.

The Second is a bike polo tournament. It is going to Kick ass! So much fun. We are also having a messenger race to go along with it. So if you want to donate a house or stop along the way, make people do physical challenges like, something funny. It is going to be great. The more people involved the better.

So all that and i am working 11hrs a day, so there isn’t much time left at the end of the week to do fun stuff. Hopefully i can get it sorted out that i work 3 nights a week, one day on the weekend. Then gym the other nights, and work on the projects at work and in the free time. Lets see how much i can cram in there. Oh i am also half way thru my Apple Training, so i need to do that too. Phew, why do i sleep. The good thing is that i am requiring less sleep which is always a good thing.

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Wow, i Just upgraded my WordPress install and the update is just plain awesome, if you haven’t updated to WP 2.7.1 do it now, it will blow your mind!

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Well i told you how i was moving? I made my mind up and was happy with the decision. Then i got an email

Hi Luke,

The Community Foundation is nearing their Annual General Meeting in April where some Board Members will be completing their 2 year terms. As you are very community-minded, I thought that you would be a great fit with the Foundation. Have you ever thought about joining? The time commitment is one meeting per month.

There are also opportunities to sit on the following Advisory Committees, whether you’re on the Board or not:
1. Management
2. Marketing & Communications
3. Youth
4. Grants

Let me know if you’re interested and we can talk more.

I know what your thinking. Holy shit! That is awesome. Congratulations! Yeah, that is what i thought. Then i remembered that i am moving. So it turns from a holy shit to a holy fuck! Why!! Why!!

I do still want to move though. So i am going to turn down the opportunity and move. It sucks balls that this is happening now, but hopefully i can get on a board when i am all settled down in some place. Who knows what that place is though, only time will tell.

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So this week for me has been a week full of thinking. What have i been thinking about. Well i have been thinking that i don’t want a mediocre relationship. Not that i have one, but i don’t want something that just trudges along. I value both parties to much to do something like that. I want to know that i am valued by and value the lady that i love.

What brought this around? Well i was meant to tell my boss this week that i am leaving, and that i am moving down to the coast. I feel bad having to tell him that i am now leaving. It is kind of a sucky move. I am looking for a replacement now for me. It is hard to find people in this town.

Also another thing that might have brought this on was, watching Family Practice, the spin off from Grey’s Anatomy. So i was watching the episode that the two black people had just broken up. They were wondering if they should be together, and the guy came to the conclusion that he only wanted to be with her cause it was easy. That he was only with her before cause they had a kid together and things were simple and no worries etc. I think that is the message they were trying to put anyhow.

I really do love this town, Golden. It has a special place in my heart and i will miss it immensely. I know almost 1/3 of the people here, and feel like i am a real part of the community. Like i can make a difference. Something that i have never felt before in any other town that i have lived in. In one regard i don’t want to leave as i wonder if i will still like Canada as much as i do now.

I am trying to think of reasons why i am scared. I think that with saying that i am leaving work, that it all becomes real. That i am moving for love, to follow my heart. Something i really haven’t done in, well ever. I have said it many times, but this time it feels different. That scares me. What does the future hold for me? I am not sure, i don’t even want to think about it at the moment. I am only looking to the next even, moving to Victoria, BC. That is far enough for me to be thinking.

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Really, That long

I didn’t realise that it had been that long since i had posed something on here. I know, i know im slack and blah blah. It seems to be something at the back of the mind that you need to do something. Then it gets shuffled off into some other part of the brain. So i have been teaching, Just at the local college, never the less it has been fun, but nerve racking. I have enjoyed it immensely. The Mac course that i taught for 1 night was awesome fun and lots of people enjoyed it. Whilst the class was small in size it enabled me to do what ever i wanted and let the class decide what they wanted to do. I think of it as similar to a changecamp, but i call it Changeteaching. Not sure if there is something out there already by that name, but hey. Lets jump on the Web 2.0 bandwagon and declare something as cool.

I am travelling to the nations capital on Thursday to see the hearts number one fan, my lady. She is super awesome and has been going to the gym getting healthy and stuff, whilst i have been sitting at home, driving the 5 mins to work and doing nothing. So i almost feel like it is a reversal of roles. Kinda weird, i really need to get more active and start running again so i can loose those New Zealand beer handles! I know that a lot of you that have seen them, say they are not big, but im worried and want to get rid of them as it is getting warm to start running again. Watch out, im donning the reflective pants and bandana again!

I think that is about all that has been happening with me for the last little bit, im on Twitter now, so follow me. I have lots of useless stuff to say. Catch ya round on the internets.

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Ha, take that flu!

So yesterday, i was coming down with a cold, i could feel it. Thick head, runny nose. So rather than battle the day out. I did something i normally wouldn’t do. I went home, took lots of pills and slept. Then i got up, took some more pills, ate then went to bed. First though i talked to my special lady, couldn’t not talk to her. In the morning, i woke up feeling fine, could breath thru the 2 nostrils i was given. I think i have beaten the cold. I am still taking the natural pills to help me build my resistance up to bugs again, but hopefully i am over it. Half a day down, and im back baby! Yeah! Eat shit cold, you suck, i rule!

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Yes, i know. i have been gone for a while, yes i know it was around 2 months. Well let me tell you, i was away travelling around the world. I really need to setup email posts, that would solve my problems. It was a good time, if you hit up my flickr account, you will see some of my adventures, Cook islands, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Auckland and Bay of Islands. Not a bad time over all. Got to see Z man, so that was cool, he is almost walking now. Crazy. So i promise to do more updates now im back in the land of cold and snow. I’ll try and pay more attention in future. Things are just moving so fast, even though i try and slow them down, it doesn’t always happen the way that i want.

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Getting coverage

Well i have made it in Golden, I am a published critic of the paper. That is right, i got a letter published in the paper. I wrote a letter to the editor, and it got published. How about that. It was in response to this article. So i was disccused at that article. So i got replied and stated my opinion, and it got published. I’m laughing and honoured that they did that. So go and discuss it. It is all in the stimulus of getting Active Transportation into the press and out into the open more.

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Wrapup #1

Wrap up really fast

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Don’t know what to write

There are so many things going on in my life at the moment that, if i had a briefest of moments i would share with you what i was up to. Maybe i can do it in 12 second intervals. See im on the beta for 12seconds.tv. So i might try and do that and then embed them here, so you can see me and also you can hear my weird dingo/ canuck voice that i have going on. Its weird. Really weird.

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