Damn Knee’s

Can i get another knee? Mine is playing up. This is the first time that it has done this, i can’t walk on it. Feels like i have got one of the nerves caught whilst running or sitting in the car for 1 hr back home. Damn it kills. I have to resort to hopping around the house, let me tell you. It is hard work, i have to leap over things, like heaters. Mainly cause i’m to lazy to move them 😛 I think i need a nurse. She would help me, get better. Oh well, i can dream can’t i?

Champions, blog day is coming, 31st August.

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City to Surf II

Well i finished. I felt really good thru out the whole race. I did get a small stich for a bit, and a bit of muscle cramp, damn calves and bitumen don’t agree. I tried to run on the grass as much as possible. The weather, oh how i love thee, but really did you have to piss down cats, dogs, buckets and firetrucks full of water. I haven’t been that wet in ages. I think by the end of the race, i was carrying about 3 kg more, just from water in my shoes and in my shirt. Luckly i wore my waterproof cycling pants. Alas they aren’t that waterproof, just dry really quick, so i was soaked to the bone. It was the best run i have been on, i felt like i could have kept going for another 2-4 km. I was pumping, the hills that people said were killers, were like bumps in the horizion. I tried to sprint out the last 2km, i went a bit early. I so i slowed down a bit more, then in the last 500-600 metres, i went for the full sprint. I was flying past heaps of people. I still felt great until about 50m from the line, as i was weezing, and finding it hard to breath, so i pushed harder. I then though,

“mmmm, maybe i should slow down cause i don’t want to drop dead just before finishing”

So i slowed down abit, helped though to have been blocked in so i couldn’t overtake.

I want to do it again, maybe not today but in a few weeks. It was fun. I did get my time, although it will be adjusted later on, i did 12km in 1 hr 03 mins 37 sec. I’m hoping that comes down to around the 58 min or so mark. I will then be over the moon, and jumping toward the sun. 😛

I jumped on the bus back to town, and talked to a guy who works for the City of South-Perth in the Parks and Gardens area. Nice guy, so it looks like i have a contact there now, sweet. I drove home after getting changed in the carpark. Now i need to sleep, cause im buggered. I called in sick to work as well, don’t think i could talk to people now. I’m sleepy, so I will now head off to the land of Noddy and Big Ears and the Big Red Car.

Exercise is great Champions, you should try it 🙂

City to surf website

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Plant porn?

My mates were chatting about me, and thinking that i liked plant porn more than regular porn.
Who can deny this?
Golden Cane Porn

Man that make me so horny……not. Although i do hold a soft spot for it in my little heart. It was special, i’m annoyed it died on the Nullarbor plain when I moved over from Melbourne to Perth.

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City to Surf

Well, the time is apon me where i must go and try and kill myself in a 12km “fun run” Sure it will be fun, almost 5 thousand other people running to, at least i will be overtaking lots of slow people. That should boost my ego up a bit. I think i should get in around the 1hr mark. Anything less will be great. Although i haven’t gone for a run in the last few weeks, to busy with work, study and other things. I really should have gone for a run this arvo, but instead buggered around on my PC and chatted on IRC. Oh well guess i will make it, might be a little bit slower than i hoped. I’ll update you guys when i find out what time i did. I am meant to be going to work after running, but i don’t think that will happen. I think that i will call in sick or something. I have tried to give someone else the shift, but no one wants it. I really don’t want it. I also just got a new job, but that is a different post.

If anyone that lives in perth, wants to see lots of sad people running, you know where to go. My number in the race is 3238. Watch out for me 🙂

Exercise is the devil, i love the devil champions 🙂

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Awkward moments

Right, this is a bit of a touchy subject, mainly because of the fact that it is still current. I like this girl. NO i won’t tell you who she is. I know that i blog but really some things are going to stay private. Ok, so we i met her at a party (plus some prior online meetings), she is a top chick. Everything that a man like me likes. Not that i have much experience in this field to say, but still i will say that. She totally blows me away. Smart, witty, intelligent, attractive. (Note: in order of importance, sorta :P)

Anyhow, this is the bit where it gets sticky. I dropped her home last night, first time i have done that really with a chick. It is a cool feeling. I was nervous as hell, why? Cause i didn’t know what to say. There was a sort of awkward silence, well it felt like that to me. Anyhow i got to the front door of her house. I gave her my number, so she can call me. I was going to meet her mum, but she was asleep. Mind you it was 2am, so i kinda thought that might happen.

Then i got real nervous, i think i sounded it too, cause my voice was kinda shaking. Then i asked if she would like to meet up again, and so did she :D. So that was a positive step.
I think she was abit uncomfortable about it too, she didn’t look comfortable. She seemed to have this look on her face that was like, sorta a grimace- but not quite. Like she was nervous as well.

I’m just wondering, to all you men/women do in these circumstances ? Is it one of those things that can’t not be awkward? I was totally normal around her, for the whole night. (except for one time, i was a dick 🙁 and also when i first met her- i was nervous then too.) I think i really get along well with her, she seems to hold similar beliefs to me, which is cool.

At the party, she was cold (it was partly outside), so she snuggled up to me, and i kept her warm, that was awesome, very awesome, unreal really. I think some of the guys at the party were a bit pissed at me, but stuff them. So hopefully she will ring me this week and i can organise something cool to do, with $5 /student budget. Mind you i hopefully will be paid this week, for a months work at the ISP. 😉

I think the hard thing is, that we both like each other, cause we have been chatting online. So it is now the physical meeting and getting to know each other that is going to take some time. Hope she still likes me after that :P.

Why is it always hard to say goodbye, champions?

Message to her: Sorry i have called you her and she, you aren’t the cat’s mother. I just didn’t want to use your name on my blog. I know you will read this. 😀

Why is it always hard to say goodbye, champions?

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You know your sad when…..

You hear a song from a new CD that your sister bought, and the only reference you have for it is from The Simpsons. It is a sad day indeed. I can’t remember the CD but i think it was someone like Paul Simon, or one of those people back then.

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Feeling shit

I feel like shit today, not physically. Just emotional. I don’t know why either, not like i am not looking forward to the weekend or anything. In fact it is going to be one of the biggest weekends i have had in the last couple of months. Maybe it is cause i screwed this blog up and had to get it restored? Or maybe it is nerves about Saturday night, im not sure. All i know is that i feel shitty. I also know that this teachers whisky and coke, isn’t helping to calm me down. Normally it works a treat, but not tonight. Maybe i should change to kaluha, that normally calms me down before bed, wonder if it will do the same tonight.

Feeling shitty is no need to crack it Champions!

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I have been thinking about this over the last couple of days. Why does our water consumption go down over winter. I don’t mean domestic, i mean individual. Like recently i have taken up drinking large quanties of water. All right they might not be that large, only 1 litre a day. It is more than i was having a few weeks ago. I could go for a day without a drink of water. Maybe it is the exercise that i am doing? I don’t know really, but all i do know is that it is boring. Water is a boring medium. Sure it doesn’t really have a taste. The only taste that it has comes from other minerals within it. Like chlorine, and rust. Mmm, rust that tastes good :P.

I tend to keep away from the soft drinks esp. Coke or caffine. I don’t know why really, i think i don’t like the way that they are destroying the planet. It is a small protest, but i buckle sometimes and drink it. I reckon i am going to have to buy some water containers for the car, so then i can drink all the time.
I almost forgot to tell you, one reason that i don’t like water is that it makes you pee more. I know, i know. It isn’t like it takes a long time to pee, but really who wants to go to the loo every 30mins. That over the course of the day is like………a long time. However i do know that it is good for my body, and that is the main reason that i have started to drink it again, now. Cause it is meant to help with the repair of muscles etc. And seeing that i run, i think it would be a good thing.

Drink water, any type, any time champions. Your body will thank you. 🙂

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24 hours

No not the movie or even the Tv show, but a new record that i have set. Yes i finally did it. 24 hours awake, with NO stimulatants. Ok maybe a can of coke at a movie night, but that is all.

I got up a 5am, to go to work all day. well unleast till 2.30. That was quite boring as i sat there again and did nothing, just listened. Then came home, made a wicked home made potato salad and got ready to go to the movie night. Natural adereline was my co-pilot. I drove down to Noodlez place, which co-incidently i got lost finding. It is a good idea to get the exact address of people when you are going to visit them. I think i knocked on about 5 house doors. Was quite embrassing, i finally go there though. It did cross my mind that i should leave, but that would have been the chicken answer. I think i recognised Phobias car, and went to almost all the houses in the complex of 5. Ok back to it now, i had a great time at the Movie night. Hackers with Angelina and Transformers the movie were on the menu, so was an hour of talk about WoW (World of Warcraft). i’m not a gamer, so i just sat there and entered in stupid coments, trying to look cool. Didn’t work though.

We left Noodlez place around 12, and headed home. I took Dogmatrix with me as he had to get to Subiaco. He is a cool guy. I then procceded to get lost, well not really lost, but just went the long way around, i did know where i was, honestly.

I arrived home at my folks place at around 12.30am. I’m feeling a bit weary, but decide to jump onto IRC. Big mistake, i got chatting to a couple of people. Some drunk guy came in the chat, so that was funny for about 1 hr. He had an incident with an ironing board early in the evening. i’m not going to explain, to shocking. So now it was like, i dont know 2-ish, more people started to join. Phobia came on, he is good fun to had a good laugh with him.
He left around 3 i think. I might have my times mixed up cause i was starting to get head spins from tiredness. Don’t worry though, i’m not some sort of chicken, it was only 2 hours to go. I couldn’t stop now. I started typing more and more, at one stage i was writing the convo for both myself and kitta. It was one wack convosation, let me tell you that. I finally made it to 5am, what an achievement, no real stimulants just the love of staying up late. I do wonder though if i will do it again, proberbly not for a while i have to much shit on this week and with TAFE assignments and all it is going to be hard. I’ll have to wait and see.

Now i wonder if that makes me a non N00b geek now? Cause technically i did spend like over 12 hours in front of a computer screen.

Lastly champions, good music is essential on a long stint in front of a computer. Although some how i didnt have any and was quite alright. Weird.

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I work at an ISP in Perth, it is a good company. I have only been working there for a few weeks, i havent taken many calls yet. I only work there part time, so it is good. I was listening in the other day ill try and fill in the picture for you. The customer was talking absolute crap, about the weather or something with a fandangle computer thingo. Then the subject changed, and Peter- the guy i was listening in too, wasn’t listening to the convo. He was waiting for the computer to boot up.

Customer- i don’t know how you do this job day in day out?
Peter- Ok
Me(laughing)- He asked how you do it all day, not if you were ok.
Peter- Oh right, um yeah you get used to it……

This may not be funny to some people, but to me it had me laughing. It’s just to show you that sometimes on the other end of the phone that people aren’t listen. Although you wouldn’t get me doing it, im to conserative (yeah right!!)

Overcome and Adapt champions.

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