I’m going to commit a moral sin and tell you some thing that is going to scare you. Please be seated whilst reading this post. I know that the chances are that you will be seated but i needed to clear myself for legal reasons. Now onto the confession. I choke when there is to much salt in a product. There i’ve said it. The reasons behind this are not know, it doesn’t happen all the time, just on certain foods mainly. It mainly happens when i breath in the fumes from the food. They just make me cough, it isn’t like i die or anything. Although i can have repeated coughs, for several minutes. Sometimes i laugh when in coughing and that makes it worse as it exgaurates the symptoms. Does anyone else suffer from this debilitating condition? I need help. No not mental help either, if that is what you were thinking.

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Avon Decent

I went up to watch people shoot over rapids today in a white water race called the avon decent. It was quite fun, my friend Abby was in the race, she was towards the back of the field, but i still gave her a big cheer. I also did the same with her mum too, as she was right behind her. They decided to go over the side where there was an actual rapid, but there just wasn’t enough water for them to get down without bouncing around in there kayaks.
The fun was had earlier in the morning when people were trying to shoot the rapids, well they were going over the poly-pipe. It is just like irrigation pipe, lade out over the rapids, for the power boats and kayaks to go over. This is because the water level would be too low for them to get over without this there. Many more boats would be damaged without this.
It was a nice day, i managed to have about 5-6 naps thru out the day, cause the sun was so warm it sent me to sleep. Plus i sat up last night talking on IRC, till around 2.30am then got up at 7am. I love that so much, best part of my day, esp after work too.

The reason i went to watch the avon decent is because i want to do it next yr, with any luck i will have a kayak in the next few months. I can then start practicing all the safety moves that i might need. I also want to do the hawksberry classic, which is a 111km race that is run over 24hrs. Extreme sorta sport, but looks like so much fun. Hopefully i can get into that as well. The avon is over 2 days and is like 130km.

I will kayak in a race one day, champions

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Human indulgeance

Well, i think i have found the most stupid thing i could think could ever happen. I migh make a poem out of it. I’m not a crash bag poet either!

I was sitting on the loo today (sorry for the image) and i looked over at the TP, what did i see?
A little puppy looking back at me
Why was he there, i don’t want to know
For he was looking thru more TP back at me
Why are images of doggies on TP?
For they sell more money to the biddies.

Well that was my poem, hope you liked it. I like normal white TP, just seems wrong with anything else on ther, except maybe for a lovely floral design :P.

Question everything, champions- even the TP!

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Brick Saws

I used a brick saw today, it was so much fun. I got a bit wet, but that is part of the fun. I wouldn’t like to be doing that job in winter. Your fingers would freeze, mine did in the few mins that i was using the thing. It is quite a powerful machine, i didnt think i was going to chop off my fingers or anything but i was very weary of it. We also did some paving, so it was intersting to see how different patterns in the same area create different space feeling. I can’t wait to do more 🙂

Treat machinery with respect champions.

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Standing tall

I have been noticing lately lots of tall people that slouch. I’m no exception to the rule, i don’t like standing tall. I feel as though i stand out to much, it requires lots of self confidence to do it. Lately though i have been thinking of all the shit i am having to go thru in later life if i don’t do it now, so i am trying to make a concious effort. When i am walking in the shops, i put my hand behind my back, flat. I make sure that it is straight, well to a degree anyhow. It is just a prompt to make me stand up tall. So i think that all tall people should take the effort to stand up tall. Not only will it save you later at the doctors, but also your insides will thank you. I have been thinking about this more and more, i don’t think that it only applies to tall people, although i notice them more, cause i fall into that catergory. I think that lots of people slouch, cause of the way that they see themselves. I think this somehow links back to my opinion piece about self image. I’m not sure at this stage in time.

Stand tall, be proud champions. Nothing to be afraid of, except life 🙂

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Well i got another letter today, it is getting more serious. I am starting to get scared 🙁 The people i thought it was, aren’t the ones. So i am left with no one to go on. I’ll try and figure out who it might be back again soon, anyhow enjoy this pic. It is still fun-ish at this stage. Click the pic, and it will take you to see all the comments made on the page.

Stalker, originally uploaded by The Gussy.
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Fan Mail/ Stalker

This is the postcard i was talking about in my previous posts. The back is on flickr so i wont but that here. The front is good enough. 🙂

Stalker, originally uploaded by The Gussy.
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Fan mail

Well, it finally happened. I got my first piece of fan mail today, and i must say. It is quite tasteful. I hopefully will get a pic up on flickr soon for you to look at. It makes me chuckle every time that i see it. I will try to describe it but will probably fall way short of the mark. So here it comes:
it is a postcard, with a picture of a woman on the front in under-garments only, she is on her side with cleveage busting out of it. The top part of the card has a thought bubble over her head, with Luke written in it. Then on the right is a saying, Here comes dancer, here comes prancer, here comes Brian, here comes Tim. The only thing crossed out in this sentence is the Brian and Tim, and these are replaced with Luke. Don’t get this wrong, this chick is quite a looker. Then on the back is a little not saying ” You can be the little spoon baby (love heart), from your secret admirer xxxxx” Oh-la-la. You got me all red in the face!! :). I have my ideas as to who it might be, i haven’t checked the post mark as yet, but that should narrow it down too my two thoughts anyhow. I think the 2 suspects are thick as thieves anyhow. And seeing that i have a running joke on IRC (internet relay chat) about me, it does limit the options on who it is. Well i just checked the post mark and there isn’t one. Im totally stuffed now. The chick on the front does remind me of some one though, i won’t say who…….. you know who you are. I also forgot to mention that the card is laced with a perfume as well, making it more sexy.

Figure it out and you will be the champion.

{edit}- I have placed photos on Flickr at {/edit}

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Not so good

Well this is bad, i’ve done it this time. Totally screwed things up.
I forgot to have a drink before my run this morning and walked about 2/3 of the way. I knew i shouldn’t have eaten that nurtri-grain before going for a run. Gave me an almighty cramp. I also found out that i didn’t drink any water before leaving home, so that didnt help either. I wasn’t happy jan. My joints all seized up and it was hard to run, damn Calf muscles with lack of water to help them move.
I’ll get them one day, that i promise champions.

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Hair Cut

Well i got a haircut today, i know it ain’t the most important thing in life, but it sure does feel good. I got rid of my ringlets and the mop on top. Hey that ryhmed, nice work.

I saw a nice quote which i will leave you with today.

If you can dream it, and you can feel it, you’re living the dream champions.

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