Active Transportation

I went to an active transportation forum tonight. Seeing that i can’t sleep and am excited about it, i thought that i would write about what i know and learnt tonight. So what is active transportation? Well it is basically anything that uses the body for motion, walking, riding, skateboarding, roller blading, wheelchairs etc.

The idea is to create communities that can use these functions much more easily and thus rely less on the cost and associated problems related with car usage. It’s not about saying that cars are bad, boo cars. It is about saying, hey this lifestyle that i lead is unhealthy. I should be getting at least 30 mins of exercise a day but I’m only getting 2 mins. I need to do something about that. It is about making us less reliant on oil and more healthy and dependable on ourselves. I like the idea, it sure makes me think that it can be done, not only that, it must be done. The example was errands, how many times have your driven to the shops, only a few blocks away instead of riding, or walking? Sure it was convenient but how much CO2 did you put out into the environment, to save you that 10 mins?

The average American walks 800 metres a day!

That is a stunning and shameful fact, Canada is not far off. So i am very interested in seeing how much I can do in Golden to change attitudes and regulations. What can be done to make this situation change? How can things in Golden change?

Studies were put forward stating that if nothing it done about this that the cost of helping all the people that are obese in relation to BMI (Body Mass Index) the health system is going to crash, along with everything else. It is not a matter of if’s it is a matter of whens.

Children need 90 mins of activity every day, yet somehow they don’t get it. Instead they get over 5 hours of TV a day. How does this add up? It doesn’t it just makes me wonder and resolvant to make sure my kids are fit and healthy regardless of where they live.

It does sound like a lot of dooms and glooms, but in reality, its the truth. The investment now is really a long life investment for the future. North America is 20-30 years behind Europe. There is lots more going on there about biking and active transport than is even being considered here.

To finish up i am giving you some links about Active Transportation, so you can see just how important and relevant it is today and in the future.

Active Transportation dot org

Public Health Canada


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Goodbye, i hope it isn’t for ever

Well on Tuesday the 26th August, 2008 at 6.45am. The most significant person in my life (second to my parents) to date walked out my front door, and drove 8 hours away to Victoria, British Columbia. It was a sad day, even now, i get a little teary to know that it will be a while before i see her again. I have enjoyed spending the last year with her. Even if at times it was fucked up and weird. We both learnt lots about us, ourselves and each other. I wouldn’t change anything currently (except maybe for the 8hrs away). We both know that this is the right thing to do, for her. It is tough being here, but im excited about business ideas that are coming to a head and also about what the future holds for me. It is really an exciting time for both of us.

I wanted to keep this short. I also wanted her to know that i’m thinking of her.

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Old Fart

It seems that “that” time of the year is coming around again, not Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter or any other world Holiday. My Birthday (it should be a world holiday!), I’m going to be turning the “ripe” young age of 28.

Many years ago, when i was much younger (early 20’s). I heard that the Government of Australia was implementing Digital TV, starting in 2008 (now moved back to 2012, i think) i thought to myself. Mmm, i want to be in a long term or married relationship by that time. Well thinks aren’t exactly where i planned them. Sure I’m in a semi-long term relationship (sort of at 1 yr and counting). Things are looking up on the relationship front. So i know it’s not all bad, it is just a realisation that things don’t always work out the way that you want them too.

I am in no way unhappy with how things have happened. In fact despite all that has been thrown at me, I’m loving life and the people around me. Eagerly awaiting what is going to happen next im my path in life.

So with this in mind, i look forward to the many more years ahead of me! Love, life and all the good things in between!

Here is my shopping list of things i want also for my Birthday (in less than a Month!). I know they are exotic and suit me to a tee!

iPod Touch

Tokina f/2.8 11-16mm (which i might get in a week or so!)

That is it. No more.

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Well well

It is has been quite the boring and uneventful week. Nothing so far has gone on. 1 thing that has occured is i went for a hike on Sunday. It was awesome fun, i will have to post some photos on Flickr some time soon. Once i get them off the camera. I went with Heather, up to Emerald Lake. It is an amazing lake, just like you would expect on a postcard. It is only around a 40min drive from my house too. Hehe, i love where i live. We then started the walk around the side of the lake, and ended up taking the walk upto the Emerald Basin, that is where there are large mountains, and coulairs etc. It really was nice, long way up too. We were estimating that we gained loads of elevation in our short walk. Around 200ft we think, maybe more. The pics tell a better story.

Heather and I had some good talks, just about random crap, and catching up. Something we hadn’t done in a long time. Both of us were quite busy over summer. Good thing i enjoy her company as a friend, cause i am going travelling with her around the world. Only 53 days till we leave!!! Woot!

The total hike took around 5hrs which isnt to bad, seeing that we had lunch and a look around, stopped to pick rasberries. We did only meet 1 other group of ppl on our trip up the mountain side. So cool. They had a dinner bell on, aka bear bell. We didn’t take any bear spray with us, maybe i should get some. I just think that if the bear is there, and wants to eat us. Nothing will stop him. So far i haven’t even been close to a bear. I make noise as i go along, so that should give them fair warning that im coming.

So that is my update for the last little while.

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Funny name regerator

So i i wasn’t born to my mum, and i was born to Sarah Palin, my name would be:

Meat Notgay Palin.

Yup, weird and very Alaskan!

via Polit

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I follow lots of blogs online and in thru RSS feeds, one i like related to Macs is Macenstein. Whilst visiting the site i came upon this article. It is intersting to see the comments, and how they are not all “oh dang! She is fine” More over they are “Wow, only with a light off” or “Give me a real woman” and my fav, “Don’t put near heat source”. You can read these for yourself thought.

It just struck me as something awesome. People are fed the “perfect” image of what a woman or man looks like, but the majority of people on this site are revolting against said image. Awesome. So basically, im asking has the image of a perfect woman/man gone to far? Are we now seeing “prefection” and going, nope, don’t like it, give me some real woman/man with imperfections? What will all the people that have paid $11000000 do with there fake boobs and lips and other body parts? Do they have to go back to being ugly? Course not, they can be there to look at and turn against. lol. Thoughts?

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Fun in Calgary?

Well i may say i had a great weekend in Calgary. One of one 2 such occasions. Bike polo was the reason this time. It was the most fun i have had on 2 wheels in a long time. OMG, if you own a bike this is next thing you need to try. If you don’t then you need to try it. It is the best thing on 2 wheels!!!!

So if you dont know what bike polo is, search it on Youtube, and you will find something. The centre of the bike polo universe is well, anywhere you damn well want. check out for links to other groups of people that are into it as much as you should be!

So the tournament as a double elimination type game. Meaning that you needed to lose 2 times before you were out of the comp. 3 on 3. body on body, mallet on mallet, bike on bike. Drop a foot and you have to tape out at centre. On a hockey court it is quite a large amount of time to do that. Those guys in calgary know how to move a bike around the court, geez they can move. I was skidding around the place trying to stop the ball.

Got in there a few times, need to work on my accuracy though. I missed a few easy shots, which could have put us up a few goals. Meaning that we could have had some more games, oh well. accuracy will come later on.

I am really happy that bike polo is around. It is soo much fun, i just wish that everyone else could experience it. If your in Golden, come out to the BBall courts on Sundays and Wednesdays.

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Quote of the day

I live on the top of a mountain with wild rock!

S Davis 12 september 2008

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I just thought of a statement or saying that i like. You can say it to your girlfriend, wife, lady friend or anyone that you love. It is…

More to hold. More to squeeze. More to love.

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Woot! Woot!!!

Coming thru… i did my first Mac install today. It was as easy a tick, ok, password, done. Can not get much easier than that. It took longer to setup the PC that it took to do the sharing. I love it, it is sooo simple. God bless Mac, and may you all one day experience the richness and fullness of its goodness.


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