Grrr, i hate bosses sometimes

So i had an argument with my beer store boss. I am taking this weekend off to go to Calgary. Yes it was a little last minute, although i did give the a weeks notice, before i left, and the roster for that week hadn’t been done at all. In total im taking 3 days off “beer store” work. Never mind the fact that i have been working 4-6 nights a week for the whole summer, working around 58-75hrs a week. On top of my normal job, he was complaining that i took the time off. I didn’t ask for it, i didn’t discuss it with him. With all have done pretty much supporting the beer store at night, i think what i did was fair. He wanted to know why i didn’t talk about it eariler, i told him cause it was a last minute thing.

Another thing i did was told them that i am going to 2 days a week, by the end of the month. They hired a guy the next day. Sure i can see that a note isn’t the best way to do it, but when your boss is really busy and you are too, you don’t have time to chat things over.

I am pissed cause well. This is the 3rd time i have taken time off all summer. The first took 2 weeks to get off and they only told me a day before that i got it off. I wasn’t able to do anything, cause i was meant to go camping, but couldn’t cause i had no ride. I was pissed. The second time, was 2 days, so in total i think i have had so far, not including these ones coming up, 4 days off. He was complaining that he couldn’t go camping, he had postponed it from early august. Boo frickin hoo, your a boss, you run a business. I think he has had a lot of time down in Kewlona, Veron etc over summer. I can recall about 5 times he has gone away.

I asked him what he wanted me to do, he wanted me to take it another time. I told him that it wasn’t possible. That i was going to a anniversary, and i couldn’t change 50 peoples itinerary. He asked me a few times to change my holiday. Fuck him, he can take his lardy ass somewhere else, i have worked my butt of for him, and he bitches about me taking 3 days off. I was almost ready to quit on his ass last night. I will keep on going with my 2 days a week till i leave. I want to come back to help my immediate boss, as she is nice. I feel that she gets a raw deal, and don’t want to fuck her over. The other big boss, he can go fuck himself. I’m pissed, and ranting. Grrr made me so mad, jerk.

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Loving it

I love how when someone else starts blogging, that i know of. I tend to start to want to blog more too. Besides the fact that i am not working as much any more. Hurray! no more 60 hour weeks. I will get to ENJOY the last of summer and the begining of fall (autum) I was dying from working so hard, but hey. I got to my goal for savings so that made things all the much better. Now i can write to you, do my mac course that i have been planning on doing all summer long. Also i can catch up with firends and have some fun!

I had a quick chat tonight with my sis, in NZ and my mum in AUS. God i love skype. I just wish i could do a 3 way video call. That would be cool. I think my folks need a higher plan bandwidth. The picture i get from her is all blocky and distorted. She also can not work out how to plug in the head phones, even though the mac only has 2 places it can go. she is unable to work it out.

So i’m looking forward to catching up on sleep, eating better and then getting fitter. Ski season is coming, i need to start getting my legs in shape. I actually bought ski boots the other day. They are Dalbello Aerro 40’s. They were brand new for under 200 dollars. I love them, and they are the best thing you can get for my money. So now i need to get some ski’s but they could come later.

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Well Zoey got her first bath today. I nice wipe down of isopropyl alchohol. She is looking much cleaner and seems happy now too. I give her the occasional dusting with an compressed air too. To keep her “eyes” clean. She is still as pretty as the day i got her, all those months ago. I have put up photos on flickr about it too.

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Oh my, not sure how much longer i can do the double shifts. I am now starting to have trouble sleeping. I get home just after eleven. I have a glass of wine, watch some toob, then go to bed, its around 12 when i get there. I then try and sleep, wait 40mins, nothing, so i cruise the net for fun stuff. I found this via a friend, Beached whale wakes up in NZ. Its funny, so that took me on a weird hunt for other things. Didn’t come up with anything else good yet. Might do later on though.

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I’m just listening to a random selection of songs from itunes, it is suprising me how random and good they are. I have had to find all my music that i lost to a corrupt hard drive, awesome! I am liking the selection cause well, it is making me think about past loves and ponder on the things that are important to me. hmmm….back to pondering and working hard!

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Townie Bike Race

Well we had the first townie bike race of the season. It was a poker hand type race. Where you have clues that you have to follow and then get a poker hand card at each spot. I ended up with nothing. However the good thing that was i came first in the sprint home. It was awesome, everyone was slow off the mark. And good old Franklin was fast and strong to pull thru. It was cool. The victory prize however was funny. It was a sticker book, with no sticker! hello, i wanted stickers. Alas i didn’t get any.

Apart from that selection of fun, i have been working steady and should exceed my savings goal by quite a bit. So that is awesome. 2 jobs really helps you to save.

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Busy, busy boy!

im really busy. I have no time to do things that i like doing, i am meant to be studing for my Mac training, but my internet has gone down. A forest fire burt the fibre cables, so half the valley is without internet, high speed ADSL. It sucks. I think i might be calling them after work today and finding out if i can get a credit for the downtime.

I am still working 3-4 days a week. It is frantic at work. Next week i am the computer biatch for town, so everything is up to me. I will end up riding around on Franklin. He is the one shinning light in the crazy mess that is enveloping me currently. He is a 40 year old Green town bike. Norco brand, seat, it is a shifting bike, but i made is a single speed. He is beautiful. I’ll try and get some pics up sooner or later.

That is all for now, hopefully things will progress to having more a life in the long term. Holidays in 3.5 months! woot!

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Pet Peeves #1

So i have developed some pet peeves over the last couple of weeks. Actually since i moved to Golden, or Canada or North America. It is one of the bain’s of my existence, the Truck. I know i have harped on about it before, but just recently i have become vehemently objected to them. The main reason has been the amount of gas they consume. The other is the fact that i ride my bike on the road, and well they are fucking huge and scare the shit out of me. I don’t want to be killed by one. Also the fact that 90% of trucks aren’t needed, IMO.

So i was talking with my flat mate, room mate, what ever you want to call him. Anyhow he is a country Albertan, always had a truck. he had a truck that was falling apart on him. So i told him to get something smaller, seeing he doesn’t actually use the tray part very often, only to collect snow, rocks, rubbish (garbage) etc. He might move the occasional bed or piece of furniture in it too. I was telling him to get something cheaper, and more economic. He was like, no fuck off. I’m buying a truck cause they are cheap to buy now. Never mind the fact that he will Never use the capabilities built into the truck, the 6 billion tonnes that it can carry, etc. So what did he do?

Bought a new truck, never mind the fact that he drives it up a hill every day and parks it, till the end of the day then drives it down. Never mind the fact that gas (petrol) prices are around $1.40/ L currently and going up. Never mind the fact that currently it cost him $120 to fill the tank, which he might be doing 2 times a week. Never mind the fact that it is fucking huge and a waste of money buying new car (I’m surprised people don’t know this by now). Never mind the fact im ranting here!

So you can see, i hate trucks, so much so i would long for the day that the 35mpg/ G or 25L/100km comes in and the fact that they will become extinct. It will take a while, but the more people get rid of them for other vechiles that can actually do the same thing and are more reliable, and cheaper to run the better. Oh i long for that day. 2010 can’t come soon enough on that front!

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I have been reading this blog alot recently. It is a good read and i am recommending it cause, well he seems to have his head on straight.

Paul Orfalea- Kinko’s Founder.

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4 years 2 months

It has been over 4 since i started this Blog. Holy cow, it has been 4 WHOLE YEARS! That is a long time. I can’t really believe it has been that long, and in that whole time. I haven’t done 1 site redesign, that’s right i still have the same header, might be time for a new one. Something fresh and nice and lovely. Something summery all year round. Mmmm, where did i put my Photoshop CS3 for Mac?

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