Update on website

Hey all,

It was pointed out that my site was giving nice 404 errors. I ran out of time to check it but have checked it and fixed it. Not sure if it was the .htaccess files being stupid. But that is the only file i changed the permissions on, and added a line of code to it. SO you may now comment away to your hearts content, oh and if you want to go back please do, there is some good stuff in the past too. Almost at 4 years blogging.

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Stupid people

/begin rant
I had a guy yesterday that really got my goat, not literally but figuratively. He was stupid. Really he was. He was trying to compare computer repairs with mechanic repairs. How do you do that? Like this. You say that a mechanic can fix anything and diagnose anything for $60. Where it is $75 and hour for me. Then you start to question the guys teaching and how much he knows on the subject. “Did you go to school for this?” “How long, mechanics go for 4 years” Blah blah blah.

The problem came in like this. Not booting. first thing you try, power supply. No boot. Take everything out of computer. Should beep. No beep. Tell him it is dead. He is annoyed. Go back and try one more time after putting it back together. Boots. You wonder why, something is up. Replace power supply with Bigger one than they had in there. Boots, Smaller Power supply, boots. Ask him which power supply he wants. He says bigger one. You put it in. Then you start to get funny messages from the Hard Drive. Start to wonder what is going on. Check the disk for errors. Find errors, drive is dying. Tell him he needs a new drive. Doesn’t like it.  So you put it together for him and he takes it. Not before moaning and groaning about it.

Don’t mechanics sometimes fix something then find out that something else is wrong after fixing the first problem? I think so, it has happened to me. Same with computers, you can’t find one problem with out fixing another first. If the car doesn’t start how do you know that you have a hole in the head? You don’t. Stupid man, fucking stupid man.

I asked him if he wanted me to put a smaller power supply in, he said no, what else could i do. Not do anything and charge him $80. I would have liked to. He was stupid. He was trying to get me to reduce the price cause he was in a band. Like i care he is in a band. He chose to be in the band, i didn’t. I worked hard on the machine, and he whines and complains about how it doesn’t work. I told him it doesn’t work. I put a few tiny scratches on the side of this case, he flipped out. I didn’t get a chance to clean it, when the scratches would have come out. It’s a computer, why did you buy a shiny black computer? It goes out of the way, your not going to see it. Jesus, man, grow some balls and get over it. I did feel bad about some of the scratches, but in the end i didn’t cause he was a prick at the end of a hard day. Wanker.

So at the end of it, i just went out and had a drink, after the first glass of wine i was all good and forgot about the stupid man. It turned out to be a good night, didn’t get home till around 3.30am. Back at work at 9.30am. Tired but happy. 🙂

/end rant

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Catch up

Well lots has been going on recently. Well in Golden Terms, it has. Things don’t move to fast over here but some how i have been really busy. I went getting my fill of cultural goodies over the last week. I went to the golden Broadway musical. It was really fun, with various songs from different musicals being sung. I knew about 1/2 the cast so it made it even more fun. I then went out after and had some fun listening to a beatboxer, then proceeded to go and stay up for 24hrs and chat with some friends watching various clips from Youtube. It was quite the night. I was buggered after though and slept for a full 5 hours! Awesome.

The next night i didnt do much but i did manage to go for a 20-ish km run. I just mapped out out. i didn’t think it was that far. It didnt take me long either. only around 1.5hrs. Im very surprised. Anyhow i’ll link to the map so you can see.

So there it is .

Then on Monday night, i went to the ballet. It was really good. The chicks were hot, the dudes were really strong. And it had a bit of everything. I would go again and plan to as well. It was a production from Ballet Kewlona. It was good fun with the Hudson’s. I wasn’t planing on going but did cause i had nothing else to do.

So that is my summary of weekend, quite fun and exciting.

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I’m an Uncle!

Woot Woot! Welcome Zachary David Smith to the wide world!! Congrats to Dave and Shell.

Hopefully my pressies make it there soon! Grr for the postal services of Canada and Australia.

I found out about 30 mins ago. I can’t stop smiling. Hopefully i will get photos soon, then it will be totally surreal. I can’t remember the exact details, of how long and how much he weights, but hey i’m an uncle. Fuck Yeah! 😀

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I am just listening to the new Clare Bowditch and the Feed set‘s new album, and it is making me smile and want to dance around. The sun is shining, there is a chill in the air that hasn’t been there for a few days. Work isi shit, but that doesn’t matter right now. I’m happy! 🙂

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Sore so sore

Patrolled this weekend, it was good fun. Lots of soft powder, lots of first tracks. Lots of friends to ski with, no line to deal with, despite everyone else spending around 20-40mins lined up. It was great. Also had my first 10-40. Yep my first time to use my skills i learnt. The dude got slashed in the face by a friend on a snowboard. Nice cut above his lip. Was pretty cool. I enjoyed helping him out, chatting and everything. I did manage to get another Patroller, Joelyene to come and help me. I was fairly nervous but seemed to do ok with it all. Didn’t screw up to bad, forgot a few things on the mega long form, but other than that it was all good. He had to go to hospital to get it stitched up properly.

I managed to get stuck so many times it was awesome fun, the powder was mid shin most of the time. I loved it. Went back to my secret spots, that aren’t so secret, but no one goes there. Trees need love too people!

My mate Josh and Jase came into town on the Friday night as well.  They managed to get in under 1.5hrs from Revelstoke. Which is super fast considering that for 5 hours before the highway was closed. It was a fun time of drinking and general shindiery. We did miss the wet t-shirt contest cause someone was hungry. That was a pitty, but we did get to hang out and talk geek for a lot of the time. So much fun to do that. I miss it sometimes. Apart from that i really didn’t get to do many runs with them as they had to wait in line and i had to get to the top and back down again incase of anything going wrong. hehe ( just really want to do lots of laps)

Overall it was a super stellar weekend and i enjoyed it lots.

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At this point and time in my life. I find it hard to ever want to leave this place. Golden, BC. The hour i get up now, is around 8, out the door by around quarter to 9. Just as the sun is rising. It is glorious, i can’t think of a more spectacular image. Mount 7 covered in snow, light shinning up behind it. Just amazing. If i ever think to take my camera out with me i will have to get a shot. I love this town. Some people come for the winter and leave for the summer. Alas they don’t know what they are missing out on. There is more to do in this town that i think there is to do in all of Banff and Lake Louise. Although, why am i writing this on the web? Were people can read it and then come and plunder the spoilt the place and people that live here.

For some reason when i went travelling with Sara, and people asked us where we lived etc. We both would turn into little advertisements for Golden. One of her friends remarked that we sound like the PR from the hill. We weren’t, or we aren’t. I can’t talk for Sara but i think i turned into the PR firm cause i love this place soo soo much. The people are really friendly, i have made some friends that will last the ages. Even the thought of leaving makes me tear up a little. So somehow i need to convince the government that i should stay here for good. I really need to find myself a good immigration lawyer, who can set a few things straight in my mind.

When i do go travelling i do enjoy myself seeing new sights, but there is a calming feeling to heading back home. Coming thru Kicking Horse Pass, and peering down on Golden, the Kicking Horse River and the Columbia river. (Aside- BC got its name  partly from the Columbia river) Or travelling in from Rogers Pass, and seeing the Blaeberry Valley and the little cottages dotted throughout the landscape. It is just a spectacular place. I love it here. I may be a walking billboard for Golden, but i am proud to call Golden my home. A place where i could happily spent the rest of my life, if only the government would let me.

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Stray yah Day

Holy Shit! Let me just say that i had one of thee best Australia Days i have ever had. It was heaps  and heap and heaps of fun. Stared drinking at 3pm, but ill get back to that. Started off late, so went for an Arctic ski (AKA Nordic Ski), the trails were so nice and the view was amazing as always. It was a bit foggy but you could see the silhouette of the mountains. Awesome. Then we had sushi for lunch and i took a couple of photos of my 3.5yr old Girlfriend with Aussie Tat’s on her face. So cute. Then we went for a snowboard with Dana and Brendar. Which was really fun. Then headed to the Local Hero with Dana, to drink some OP Bundy. Holy cow that stuff gives you gut rot! So i quickly changed to my normal rye. I was on it all night after that. About 6 ish. My Mate Cody had finally unlocked his keys from his car, so we went down the mountain. Headed straight to the Taps. Where i continued to drink and socialise. Then around 9pm, the DJ came on. He was freaking great. Although seeing im the local tech that knows everything (HA!) He asked me to help him with why his  Slide show wasn’t showing on the big screen. I fiddled with cords, but couldn’t get it working. Mind you i didn’t tell him what time i started drinking.

After that the night just got better and better, and i got drunker and drunker. I didn’t spent too much.  I danced, had a shot with Dana after she got off work. She normally doesn’t drink so we all had a shot for Australia day. Then towards the end there was a mosh pit which  was getting a bit rowdy, so i instinctively put my arms out to protect my friends and created a barrier, Brendar’s Man, Cookie did the same. It was quite funny.

I then got a lift home from Dana, after dropping most other people off. There were some really drunk ppl that wanted to drive home. So she gave them a lift home.  I met some really nice people, who i might try and keep in touch with over the rest of the season.

It is weird but seeing as im not apart of the “hill” culture any more, i seem to be out of the loop of people that i know. It is quite an odd feeling. I do enjoy not being up there, working. In some ways it is still nice to be able to work and ride at the same time.  Anyhow’s i have  stated that it was an awesome day. One that will live on for many years to come.

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Brrr, its chilly

Well i have been get cold legs recently. The weather has been hovering around the -20C for the last week. It is very nipply, and leg numbing too! Apart for the cold it has been a good week with plenty going on. The podcasting courses that i am doing have been in the paper. So now i am a small town celebrity. I think it is quite funny, to be written up. I like the attention. For once, my friend Troy “the super fast”, ” i look good in lycra”  Hudson isn’t in there! I got the paper all to myself. He is normally in it somewhere for his Arctic skiing (Nordic).

So after the whoo-haa of my last blog, about the break up. I have realised that yes, i was a jerk and that wasn’t really me. I was trying to distance myself from feeling hurt and lonely. SO i am sorry to all parties concerned. It was never intentional and i do appreciate everyone’s comments on it.  It has taken me a few days, of chatting with various parties, including Sara to realise this. So, yeah, sorry. I guess this really cold has given me some time to think and also made me realise my errors.

Onto more news, the sunrises have been awesome in the cold. I couldn’t think of anything better, than a crisp cool morning and the sun coming up over the snow capped mountains. It is just awesome! totally rad dude! hehe

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Great Canadian Death Race

So i am hoping to go in this race in the month of August. The name is the Great Canadian Death Race. It is a 125km race over 17,000 feet (5181.6m) of Vertical. Swamps, cliffs, rocky ridges it has it all. Oh boy is it going to be fun. I am hoping to do it in stages, like a relay. If you know of anyone that would like to come on board. Let me know. The places are limited!

More details on the race and the event it’s self go to here.

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