Well it seems like i am now off the market. It has been 2 of the craziest weeks around. The other 2 were along time ago in Mexico, with a bottle of Tequila and ….lets not go there.

So her name is Sara, she is 5’9″, has Blue eyes and is a worker at the local Women’s centre. With a bachelor of Sociology under her belt. She is a spelling freak, there and their and your and you’re are her fav concerns. I like to annoy her about it, just spelling it wrong to make her jump. It is fun.

Everything is going really well actually, im enjoying being around her and we seem to be able to talk about everything and anything that we want to. Which is a change from other people i have liked before. i have always kept something back. This just seems natural, and right at the moment.

My job choices aren’t being made any easier. I am still undecided on what to do. I am going to give the local tech job a go, and also apply for the one on mountain. Hopefully something will find its way there. I am hopeful that the mountain one will change from hourly to perm full time. As that is what i need to be able to stay longer. So everything is really crazy currently. Folks are coming soon, i am leaving my house to find a new one, im getting a car, i have a girlfriend (yay!) and well i have 2 jobs that i want. So things are still bonkers for me. Will it ever slow down? just for a little?? I think i need a holiday to let all the worries wash away.

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So I have 3 jobs this summer, currently. 2 up on mountain and one in town. I have a night lifty job, where i sit and watch people get off and on a gondola. I get to learn German at this job, it is awesome. I also know that it is only for summer, and not planning on doing it later on.

The other 2 jobs are IT jobs, working with Computers. Something i want to do forever. They are totally different jobs as well. One i’m a hardware tech guy, fixing pcs, basic kinda work. Stuff that any computer person could do. The job just for a job kinda work.

The other is Corporate work, servers, users rights all that sorta hardcore stuff that businesses do. Plus it is on a ski hill.

I enjoy both jobs, and at this stage happy with both. The thing is that im thinking more career orientated at the moment. Sure i get the same money at both places, so that isn’t an issue. I just don’t think that working as a local tech will get me to where i want to be in 3-4 years. I don’t want to be stuck at the bottom of the wage pile for ever. Min wage is ok, i can live. But feel like i’m unable to dream for things to do. I want to be earning so i can work hard and feel like im getting somewhere. Saving for a house, car, new Apple Macbook Pro (drool!!) (BTW that is in almost reverse order!!)

So yeah the thing is that i have told the guy in town that i will work for him during winter. The only thing being is i said that without really knowing what i wanted. It was on my trial week that i said yes. Then i thought about the work that i would be doing and am not sure now. It’s a small town and thus there is a shortage of people with the skills that i have. He basically would have no one else to work for him. So i feel like im stuck between a rock and a larger rock right now.

I’m not the kind of guy that can shaft someone, just up and leave. So i think i know what i want just afraid to do it. Decisions need to be made and thus i don’t like making the hard ones. But that is life though.

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Horses are fun

Yes yes they are.  I love to ride them, i seem to get into a set groove and then get out of it. It is weird. Though they are fun to ride. I got to see King Wanker (aka Uncle Greg) again as well, he is well as always. Hopefully i should be back 2 more times this season. Making it a grand total time of 4 for the season. Not bad for me living 6 hours away. Thinking September, for King Wanker’s birthday and end of season, cause that will be one of a killer party. I have a slightly sore back today, but that could be cause of the fact that i was sitting all day and then sleeping funny. Jess is in town for a few days, so we are planning on mountain biking tomorrow. That should be cool, and yeah it is going to be hot. The good thing is though, full body armour. Will tell you when i get back how it went, and if i had any broken stuff….just kidding

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And so it ends

You know that lovely Canadian girl i was talking about a few posts back. Well after hiring a car to visit her before i left, calling her from Australia a few times, talking to her here a few times, planning on visiting her when she is nearby with no money to my name. Things didn’t work out. I’ve been Cut off, relegated to the “I don’t want to ruin our friendship” court. It sucks, it quite literally sucks chocolate salty balls. The signs were all good, all around the world. She was thinking of me, and i was thinking of her. Then i came back to Canada. Took 2 weeks to go from good to backseat bad.

If you can find out why it’s not meant to “work”, then great, can you tell me. Cause as far as i know, yeah i have no idea. There was lots of texting going on, back and forth. I guess she had made up her mind a while ago, so i was fighting an uphill battle. There was this line, “your not helping me get you off my mind”. Why the fuck would i help someone to forget me if i like them?? It still hurts to read that line. Is it just me or would you try and do everything in your powers to see them? I know that i did, backfire! boooom!!!!! (room shakes a little and luke walks out covered in the remnants of his heart splattered across his chest)
Oh well, we shall see if things can progress if she comes back in winter.

For me, i would have moved to anywhere she was. It didn’t matter if she was in Peace River, Yellowknife, Nova Scotia, even Rimbey. They all would have been fun, just cause she was around. Unfortunately she doesn’t feel the same, maybe she does but can’t do it just yet? Time will tell. I’m not sure whether to stay in that uncomfortable place of longing for something/ someone you can’t have, or to move on. I know it would be better for my health to move on. I have been stuck in that place of “Friend wanting more” before, it totally fucked me over. I lost weight, got depression, became a hermit effectively. Alas she is a cool chick, and i’m not sure. I need some more time to think about it.

I got an email from one of my sisters, saying that someone is not worth what i have to give if they don’t feel the same way back. For example me wanting to move for this chick, if she doesn’t feel the same way then. Maybe it isn’t meant to be. The bonds will not be strong, as your undying affection is not there. This may be true, but i feel as though it takes time for some people to build that level of affection. If those bonds are there, then you can know that something great will happen. I haven’t found something like that yet, maybe i did. Who knows, time.
It may be a surprise to some that i am a passionate person, i tend to keep a lid on things, keeping it cool. Hard to ruffle up, but when i feel something. I go in hard, commit to it all the way. Maybe when chasing girls, i should back off? Relax and let it go? I did try a bit this time. I also know that it wouldn’t be me, i would feel like i was doing nothing, sitting and watching as the opportunity passes me by. There has to be a balance in there somewhere.
I am turning to exercise at this point in time to get me thru it. I am not hopeful, i usually drop a few kg’s when i exercise to much. At least i’m getting a tan! I know in the end i will be fine, i will get up and live another day. It sucks being in the hurt of the moment, wondering what you could have done to change the past, what you can fix for the future, why it hurts, what you did that made it go so horribly wrong like a car crash in slow motion.
NOTE: I know that i am not thru the 5 stages of grieving yet, but hopefully this will help. That is why it has been password protected, so i am covering my bases and not looking like a jerkface. I really am quite nice and date-able!!

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Yay sun!

Well it is quite sunny over here, getting upto 33C. People are starting to complain that it is too hot. Really this is only the 3 hot day that i can think of. So c’mon it isn’t that bad. Apart from the heat, i have been working lots so that i can pay people back. I owe monies to lots of people. Damn moving expenses! It is cool though, i live really close to town and drinking pubs are only a few minutes away. I did miss Golden when i was gone, it is cool bumping into people and having a chat, then going about your business. So yeah everything is going well, i’m hoping to get a bit more of a tan soon, need to. I got a t-shirt tan ATM. Bugger!

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One of those Times

I had one of those the other day. I’m referring to the times when you can see memories being formed. I was riding a bike, with my Mp3 player going. Crusing along, it was a nice sunny day, around 25C. The music was relaxing and fun, then i came to the railwway crossing, could have crossed just infront of the train, but decided to wait and let it go. It was a long train, i got bored and started to go down the track beside the train, the access road. it was speeding along beside me. Whilst i was getting jolted around the place on the bumpy track. it was just a really splendid time. The Mountains, my music, the train, me racing the train, the suny weather. It felt like i was at home, like i could do this forever. Wether or not i can is a different matter which the government will decide. I can see heaps of good memories being made this summer, and it doesn’t even matter where i work. Fun Times ahead!!

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To short

WOW! Time has totally flown by here. I just landed 3 weeks ago, and now it is time to leave. It was a fun time being back in Australia. Weird at the start, cause Canada looked so far away, but as i just lived here, knocking down pergolas, doing paving around the house. moving sand (not dirt or soil, just sand) Catching up with friends. The time has flown by. The fun has been had. I didn’t realise that i had so many people to catch up with. It has been great to catch up with all of them. The funny thing is that there isn’t many guys amongst them. That is, i wouldn’t say worrying just unusual to see.

I went to a rugby game with Dad, Australia vs Fiji. A drubbing 49-0. It was a good time, just chilln with Dad. It seems that Dad and mines’ relationship is getting a bit better. Not that it was bad to start with, it was just stilted. Generally keeping to the male topic of Sport. Things seem to be going good though.

For those that i haven’t told, and that would be all your readers. Dad had an MRI the Monday before i arrived and it came back all clear!! YAY!! So that means that there
is no sign of the Brain Tumour, at all in the cavity or anywhere around. 6 Monthly check ups are still needed to keep on top of it. The only downside at the moment is short term memory. Though we are hoping that this will return to normal with more use of the brain. The Brain will build stuff back up in the hole, or changes parts which aren’t used normally to help. Quite amazing really.

So yeah, everything is good. I will miss Australia. I didn’t think i would. I have no time frame for when i will be back. I have a possible 18 months up my sleeve. My uncle did the same, His sleeve is reaching 20 years. Damn pretty Canadian women!

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Time goes fast

Well Time is certainly moving fast. It is only 10 days or so till i head back to Canada. Scary. i have managed to do plenty at the moment. I have knocked down the Pergola, which was loads of fun. I am managing to get a bit of a workout which i enjoyed after not doing anything except for walking in the last month. I have plenty of people to catch up with as well. I didn’t realise how many people i wanted to catch up with! I do miss Canada, but i do love Australia as well. It is a weird place to be in. There are things i dislike about Australia, and Canada. One thing that i noticed today was annoying. I was on the Bus travelling up the Kwinana Freeway (the only Freeway in Perth) and this dick went past us giving us the finger. I have no reason why he did this, we were going the speed limit i think, well we were overtaking other cars. Just being a wanker i think.

I had my sisters wedding on the first weekend that i was here. That was an awesome day. She looked so b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. It was clear in her eyes and the way that she was looking at her hubby that they were most definitely in love. I had to walk my Nanna down the aisle, so that made me a de facto part of  the wedding party. My Nan was matron of honour, so she did the signing of the register and all. It was a Catholic wedding, so something quite new for me. I was so nervous about all the head nodding that you had to do. I did it all though, and the day went graciously fantastic. The reception was lots of fun also. Lots of dancing was had, not by me. I for some reason wasn’t in a dancing mood. I did manage to take some Pics, which i hopefully will get to put up soon. I have quite a backlog at the moment. Trying to clear it is proving harder than i thought. Well I should get back to uploading photos!

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Washington the second

So Washington has been really great so far. Done lost of walking and lots of sleeping.  I have seen, the Linclon Memorial, WWII, Vietnam, Obilisk, Old Post Office, Museum of Holocust, Museum of Air and Space, Museum of everything elsenot in a museum. That is not it all either! I plan on going to Arlington and the JFK tomorrow, then i think the next day i leave at night, so am going to take it easy, hopefully everything goes smoothly. Then i have around 1 week in Europe and a few days in Singapore, before i get home and hit the wedding bandwagon head on! Shall leave it there for the moment, still need to fill you in on NYC as well, maybe when i have more time. I did lots more walking there!! I’m having fun, but miss people. You know who you are.

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I should be writing about NYC. So i will sum it up. Big. Crazy. Fun. Weird. Walked heaps. There, will write more on that later. I just wanted to say that i saw the Queen today! and Barbara Bush as well, i think George was there as well, but everyone was wearing dark suits, you never can tell. So i’m chuffed, even though i don’t really like her, she is fun to see. Having fun, walking to much. Miss you all.

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