This place is great, there is so much to do and see that i just don’t know where to start! I did manage to get to plenty of places on Sunday even though the city was really quiet. I got around can’t remember what i saw though! The werid thing is that the hostel is closed from 10.30am to 4.30pm, so you can’t get in between those times. I have been spending lots of time in the parks around the place. They are so nice, it is warm as well. Around 25c today. I caught up with a blogger friend of mine, named Luna, she and her hubby-to-be were great. She has been a real great help listing all the places to go and things to see around the area.

I met up with a french guy last night, who looked lost. He is from Brittany, in north eastern france. Cool guy, we went to dinner and then a movie about the war in Holland, its called Black Book. Name is Marc, he only has a few more days left till he goes home to his girlfriend. It was fun just to chill with someone, as i hadn’t really spoken to anyone all day long. So Philly is great, NYC is next hoepfully i will meet up with some more people there. I just need to write to them.

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To much to catch up on

A lot has been going on, almost to much to write about. Feelings are going around my head like a cyclone, spinning off ideas, situations and scenarios. It is all to much. I can’t wait for the eye of the cyclone to hit. Things will be calm, placid and serene. Things are not all bad, there are good cyclones as well. I just want some answers to questions i can’t get answers to. Well time to go have some fun!

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So the numbers dwindle

Everyone is leaving. I’m not to happy. I didn’t think that i would be happy, but it kind of snuck up on me. Why? I guess that i was always ready for this to happen, but the way that things worked makes it suck all the more. Monday night was a very evenful day/night. I managed to drink myself so drunk that i was passed out by around 7pm. I did start at 1pm, and i did manage to drink around 500ml of Rye. It was strong and yummy, until it came back up. Mmm i thought i should give it a break for a day, so i stopped for a little while. The staff day was on, so i put a few more down, not to fast mind you. I was giving sips away like the queen at a royal function (sounded good in my head). So then i went down the hill and hit the best powder of the day, on a part of the hill that hadn’t been skiied all year long! I got first tracks and jumped the cornice. It is awesome. I rule! (and jess drools (personal joke)) 

So after coming down the mountain i got another drink, and carried it around for ages before giving it away. I had enough by then, only 3. My tummy wasn’t up to the terror, i bled it dry the night before, so needed to wait for food. I managed to pick up the drink a few hours later. Though it was only social drinking, and i wasn’t going hard core. It was still a good effort. Then i went to bed, woke up and had breaky with my friends plus ring-ins (Hi Amberrrr). After that i went back to Son-ja and Mandy-moo’s place to help them pack. It was sad. Sonja had brough her dad’s big “fuck off truck” Aptly named cause it is a Ford F350 Super Duty, with cab. Taller than me, and heavier as well. So big you could fit 4 people across the back seat and not be squashed at all. She loves it, not sure why.

So we fairwelled Sonja at around 5, it was sad. I moped around for a bit. Then went and dropped some stuff off at Christine’s place and proceeded to help Mandy-moo clean the rest of the house. It turned out ok. Went home and slept. Good stuff! So everything is winding down and i don’t like to see my friends disappear. Hopefully they will keep in contact.

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To late…you loose

It feels as though i have just lost a good friend. I haven’t in reality, she is just leaving the town. I’m sure that we will keep on talking. I am going to miss her, she was fun to be around. My feelings toward her had starting to slowly change. At first-first it was just friends. Then was the crush stage, then that changed. Into the “Argue about anything” stage. I was thinking about why i go into the “argue..” stage. I figured out that it was just me being a jerk, and testing the waters. I feel as though i need to do it just to make sure that some will like me for me, not cause of my looks (they are not good ATM, long haired hippy) or something else superficial.
I talked with her flat mate about it, she was totally shocked, didn’t know what to say. I think the word, speechless could be used in this place. We had a good chat. It was almost the best chat that i have had with her. There wasn’t anything that we didn’t talk about, you know the chats? Great stuff, managed to get lots off my chest, and think that i will keep in contact with both of them.

I excursus (like that one dad) from my original subject matter. So i am unsure what to do. I think i will take is slowly, keep talking. I have given her a hint that im interested, she seems to be responding favourably. So i will play along. She is a Canadian too.. watch out mum! I might not come home!! LOL (My uncle came over to work in Canada, and is still here.. with a wife and 2 kids).

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Its a date!

Went on a date the other night. It felt like to me a total failure. She however thought that is was ok. Went to a flash restaurant in town. There wasn’t the spark that i thought might happen. I had been chatting with this lady for a few weeks before. Had a few flirts on a few occasions. i thought that i would ask her out on a date, she said yep so it was a go. Things started out ok, but there wasn’t a spark that i was hoping for. She is super quiet i felt like i was talking the whole time. We then went to the pub where we met up with a few more people which made it a little less awkward.  In the end she gave me a kiss good-night. Which confused the hell out of me seeing as i saw the night as a failure. Not a total failure cause we are still friends, but you know not happy with how things went. I texted her that i was confused, she replied. That she just wanted to be friends, which in a way im happy with. There wasn’t that bang, spark, combustion, i am used to when i find girls that im interested in. So were friends, she will be around this summer so it will be good to have some people that i am already friends with.

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Phew time

Well that was a long break. I have been so busy that i haven’t been able to think, or anything. Working 6 days doesn’t leave much time for anything else. I have been out most nights, the few nights that i am home i tend to go to bed early. Hopefully i will get out of here a bit early today. Thus enabling me to do some desperate washing. Tidy up my tiny room, sort out some photos to put online, sort out visas etc. Well let me see what else has been happening, i am staying for the summer, after a small trip back to Australia. To pay off debts, and get some love from family. I am only planning no staying for around a month. Hopefully i can pay enough of the credit card to buy a flight back to Canada. For now the cheapest i have seen is $1600 one way. I think cause it is summer when im flying back it is more expensive. Thinking about just getting a one way, then buying the other way when the summer is over. Time to think that over still. Things otherwise are going great, loving the boarding. Although i did fall down a cliff and broke the core on my board. That sucked, i patched it up and it still works, just dodgey. I am getting a mate to help me fix it a bit better.

Personally things are still complicated with me. To many people that interest me. Although the natural evolution of things has narrowed things down. I don’t want to say to much as it would be not the right thing to do. Sorry if you wanted more goss. I still worry about dad a bit, although now i think that he will be fine. Being away has been different. I’m not totally sure how to describe it. It is like im over here and it is easy to forget about everyone else over there. Of course i think about dad and the whole family. Just normal day life seems to be so busy for me that i don’t think to much about it.

Apart from that all is good. I’ll try and write more as time goes on. I need to dedicate time to blogging more. Maybe i should do it as a weekly thing. Like a wrap up of the week?? we’ll see.

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Been a bit

I’m not dead, just really busy. I have so much to tell you all.. I’ll try and get something down on paper-ish screen tonight. I’m working 6 days a week and visiting friends most nights.. im a busy little beaver.

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What is with that

I have just been looking at my contacts in Flickr, and there seems to be a lot of people doing Project 365. I do think it is a good idea, but somehow I’m not sure about it. It seems to be almost over done at the moment. I am sure that i couldn’t do it, take a photo every day? Not for me. However i do like to look at the photos. Take a look… it is surprising how every day life items can be captured.

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Ho Hum

I have just been talking to an ex girlfriend. The only one i talk to, really. She has found a new man. I am so happy for her. Things didn’t end very well for us. It lingered on for a while, she still liked me, I wasn’t into it but i kept things going for myself. I was moving overseas in a few months. Looking back i was confused, and didn’t know what i wanted. I was a bit of an ass. I felt really bad for breaking it off. It was for the best though. I just talked to her on MSN, she is going great guns. I just got a little sad, cause well that was the longest relationship i have been in, it was great fun. I want another, things just seem to get in the way. Distance, former relationships, timing, life etc. I suppose that is why people make them work. I will find one, I’ll just wait patiently till it does happen.
I have moved on from it, learnt from it, and hopefully grown from it as well. There is no malice in our relationship, she is truly a great chick, and the man that snagged her is a lucky man.

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Australia Day

Well currently it is Australia day in Australia. I am sitting at home, listening to the Triple J Hottest 100. I was thinking of going out, but can’t really be bothered now. Today was longer than expected. I will have a big day tomorrow. Might drink all day, buy a bottle of Rye Whiskey, then sit on the mountain and drink. Then i don’t need to worry about working on Saturday, so i might have a big one.

You all enjoy your days, live it like a true Australian, even if you aren’t one. Drink have a BBQ and have fun with your friends! That is what i plan on doing.

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