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Catch up

Tweet So it has been a while. I have been super busy with life. Working my 2-3 jobs, relaxing with my lady. Travelling around Canada and the Globe, it takes its toll on you. I am a second time uncle … Continue reading

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Tweet So this week for me has been a week full of thinking. What have i been thinking about. Well i have been thinking that i don’t want a mediocre relationship. Not that i have one, but i don’t want … Continue reading

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Goodbye, i hope it isn’t for ever

Tweet Well on Tuesday the 26th August, 2008 at 6.45am. The most significant person in my life (second to my parents) to date walked out my front door, and drove 8 hours away to Victoria, British Columbia. It was a … Continue reading

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Tweet I just thought of a statement or saying that i like. You can say it to your girlfriend, wife, lady friend or anyone that you love. It is… More to hold. More to squeeze. More to love.

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Tweet Well Zoey got her first bath today. I nice wipe down of isopropyl alchohol. She is looking much cleaner and seems happy now too. I give her the occasional dusting with an compressed air too. To keep her “eyes” … Continue reading

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Tweet I’m just listening to a random selection of songs from itunes, it is suprising me how random and good they are. I have had to find all my music that i lost to a corrupt hard drive, awesome! I … Continue reading

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Tweet I have been feeling it in the last few weeks. The feeling that i miss the company of someone. Sure i have my friends and that is cool, but someone to share my feelings with. I am lonely. I … Continue reading

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