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Catch up

Tweet So it has been a while. I have been super busy with life. Working my 2-3 jobs, relaxing with my lady. Travelling around Canada and the Globe, it takes its toll on you. I am a second time uncle … Continue reading

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Not feeling it

Tweet I am meant to be applying for jobs to day, however i am just not feeling like it. Maybe i should have some lunch and then tune my bike and go from there. I am tired. It is weird … Continue reading

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But but….

Tweet I know this might seem strange coming from me. However i can no longer ignore it. The use of but to start sentences is wrong! Didn’t you people learn English at school. Never start a sentence with but. Not … Continue reading

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Busy busy like pumpkin

Tweet Well that would be the case if i pumpkins could actually do something other than grow and look good and be eaten and all orange and stuff. Anyhow…back to the important stuff. I am super busy at the moment. … Continue reading

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Tweet Wow, i Just upgraded my WordPress install and the update is just plain awesome, if you haven’t updated to WP 2.7.1 do it now, it will blow your mind!

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Tweet So this week for me has been a week full of thinking. What have i been thinking about. Well i have been thinking that i don’t want a mediocre relationship. Not that i have one, but i don’t want … Continue reading

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Ha, take that flu!

Tweet So yesterday, i was coming down with a cold, i could feel it. Thick head, runny nose. So rather than battle the day out. I did something i normally wouldn’t do. I went home, took lots of pills and … Continue reading

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Getting coverage

Tweet Well i have made it in Golden, I am a published critic of the paper. That is right, i got a letter published in the paper. I wrote a letter to the editor, and it got published. How about … Continue reading

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Wrapup #1

Tweet Wrap up really fast

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Don’t know what to write

Tweet There are so many things going on in my life at the moment that, if i had a briefest of moments i would share with you what i was up to. Maybe i can do it in 12 second … Continue reading

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