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Active Transportation

Tweet I went to an active transportation forum tonight. Seeing that i can’t sleep and am excited about it, i thought that i would write about what i know and learnt tonight. So what is active transportation? Well it is … Continue reading

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Tweet I follow lots of blogs online and in thru RSS feeds, one i like related to Macs is Macenstein. Whilst visiting the site i came upon this article. It is intersting to see the comments, and how they are … Continue reading

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Tweet I just thought of a statement or saying that i like. You can say it to your girlfriend, wife, lady friend or anyone that you love. It is… More to hold. More to squeeze. More to love.

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Grrr, i hate bosses sometimes

Tweet So i had an argument with my beer store boss. I am taking this weekend off to go to Calgary. Yes it was a little last minute, although i did give the a weeks notice, before i left, and … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Truck owners in Golden

Tweet Why is there a need for trucks in town? I know that Goldenites love their trucks, i however do not. I believe that the carbon tax that has just been introduced by the BC government should also include an … Continue reading

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