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Catch up

Tweet So it has been a while. I have been super busy with life. Working my 2-3 jobs, relaxing with my lady. Travelling around Canada and the Globe, it takes its toll on you. I am a second time uncle … Continue reading

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Tweet Well I have started the job hunt again, after moving to Victoria,BC. It is the capital of the Province of British Columbia. I wish something would fall out of the sky and it all would be fixed and i … Continue reading

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Not feeling it

Tweet I am meant to be applying for jobs to day, however i am just not feeling like it. Maybe i should have some lunch and then tune my bike and go from there. I am tired. It is weird … Continue reading

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Busy busy like pumpkin

Tweet Well that would be the case if i pumpkins could actually do something other than grow and look good and be eaten and all orange and stuff. Anyhow…back to the important stuff. I am super busy at the moment. … Continue reading

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Woot! Woot!!!

Tweet Coming thru… i did my first Mac install today. It was as easy a tick, ok, password, done. Can not get much easier than that. It took longer to setup the PC that it took to do the sharing. … Continue reading

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Grrr, i hate bosses sometimes

Tweet So i had an argument with my beer store boss. I am taking this weekend off to go to Calgary. Yes it was a little last minute, although i did give the a weeks notice, before i left, and … Continue reading

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Loving it

Tweet I love how when someone else starts blogging, that i know of. I tend to start to want to blog more too. Besides the fact that i am not working as much any more. Hurray! no more 60 hour … Continue reading

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Tweet Oh my, not sure how much longer i can do the double shifts. I am now starting to have trouble sleeping. I get home just after eleven. I have a glass of wine, watch some toob, then go to … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Money

Tweet I was browsing the net (looking for a new lense for my camera, 12-24mm f4 Nikon) and read about Ken Rockwell’s thoughts on saving money. Thought some of them are quite good. I am thinking of ditching some of … Continue reading

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