Who am I?

Well I guess you are all wondering why I should be so daft to put up my personal story on the web. Simple answer- CAUSE I CAN.

Now that, that is sorted out lets get onto the important Stuff, ME.

Originally born in Canberra, ACT Australia to a Great Mum and a Stellar Dad on the night (or morning) of 23rd October in the year of Nineteen hundred and Eighty (1980). I originally had 2 older sisters, although that didn’t last long. I was to get 2 more younger ones later on. That’s right I’m Smack bang in the middle of a 4 sister Female family(except for Dad). With this in mind I have more fashion pa-tish than most blokes, and can even clean and cook. Shock horror!! I must also state that I am in NO WAY deferring to other team, sorry guys.

I grew up in Sydney, NSW Australia. I’ve lived in a few places since the first house on Woodcourt Rd Berowra, moved to Dean St in Pennant Hills (this is where I did most of my growing up). We lived in this house for around 10 years it was a great house. We had ½ dozen chooks in the back yard, a cat, a few different dogs. One almost took my eye out!! He was a blue cattle dog and used to round us up from do the back yard when mum called for dinner. Scared the Shit out of us!!

Then the fun started, we moved around for the next 2 years. All around South America, First stop was Brasil. We lived in a city call Curitiba, down south. Elevation is about 700m above the sea on a plateau. Many good memories from there, I went to a private school there, which was only as good as public schools anywhere else in the world. I did school there for about 4 months or so, then found out that they don’t accept the same stuff in Australia. So we went onto Distance Education from Australia. I did my final 2 years of school this way, and came out with an acceptable mark too, despite some difficult times along the way.

We stayed a total of 10 months in Brasil with Trips down to the beach at various times, and quite a few to the border (Argentina, Paraguay and Brasil share one border) for passport matters. Out that way it gets into Real jungle, the kind of stuff that you think of when you see the Amazon. Weather is HOT and STEAMY. There is not much out there, besides crime and 2 amazing things, one man made and the other natural. Both involve water. The first is Foz de Igucau, a waterfall if you want to call it. It has 10 times the flow of Niagara!! So there is like 270 falls in like 1.5km or about 1 mile. Not bad hey!! The next thing was the world largest dam, Itaipu. Yeah I know it doesn’t sound exciting but when you think of the fact that it had 3 spillways each the size of 3 coach buses, you gotta think BIG.

After getting kicked out of Brasil, we needed to go some where, any where, Except Australia, we decided on Miami, Florida in the US of A for those that don’t know. We lived there for a total of 7 months with a trip up to the Appalachian Mountain ranges, also know as the Smoky Mountains. That was great fun time, hot weather good fun all round. The best thing was upsetting the Americans by say that we didn’t have a car, we walked everywhere, you name it we walked there. To buy anything we had to walk about 20mins. That is the fittest that I have been I reckon, nice to see as well. (I’m in creditably hot man, hehe)

After this we came back to Oz for a few months, only to get things sorted out for passports and visa. On the way back we flew from Miami across the Atlantic to Heathrow. Stayed there a few hours then jumped on another plane to Bangkok, take my advice DON’T DO THIS. It is a really long trip, especially arriving in Bangkok from Miami after spend about 2 days in a plane is ridiculous. I think that I slept for about 14-15 hrs after we got off at Bangkok. We spent a total of 2-3 days in Bangkok, great fun! Lots of shopping the culture is really different over there, don’t know if I will go back. The Asian scene doesn’t really get me going. We then got on another flight bound for Sydney. The first thing we all noticed when we got on the flight was the distinct-full twang of Australian accents. That nasal squeaking is so annoying, but soon our eyes and ears became accustom to it again. It was exciting to know that we were on our way home for a how long, no one knows. The flight was long and uneventful. We finally touched down in Sydney, tired and hungry. Airplane just doesn’t feed a 16 year old enough!!

We spent a total of 10 weeks I think it was back in Oz before heading off again, this time to Buenos Aires Argentina. The flight over there was great. One of the best that I have been on ever! First off we flew to the land of the long white cloud (New Zealand), had a layover here for a few hours, not to long though only like 2 hrs. Then got on one long flight to Tahiti! You get off the plane there and it is just like a regional airport- no big structures, just walking on the Tarmac. The smell of the place was amazing! Like Frangipani’s all around the place, I loved it. There was even a dude playing the mini guitars (I can’t spell the actual name), but that was cool. We had a bit of a layover here, a couple of hours but it was bad cause there was no air con, only fans. It was stinking hot in jeans. Finally we got on another plane and headed into the night for a flight to the middle of nowhere, Easter Island. That place is amazing, the runway feels really small as you almost land on the water coming in and fall into it taking off, but the landing is actually long enough for the Space shuttle!! Cool huh?!! Well we had a short stop here before we got back on the plane (basically a refuelling stop) and heading back out and onto Chile.

Once arriving in Chile, we shuffled from one airport to another section of the airport. I was exhausting by then, and so were mum and my sisters. We managed to get onto our plane heading for Buenos Aires, which means “Good Air”?. It is really anything but! We landed in Buenos Aires, got our passport stamped with the colourful stamps, and made our way out to find dad. He was so excited to see us! We were all excited to see him as well!! He had organised a bus-taxi for us, so we packed everything into that and headed off to our new home in a suburb called Palermo. It is like an inner city suburb (everything is in a city with 20 million people) but the good thing was that the best shops around were just up the road. It had all the expensive shops, country road etc. It was fully American, which didn’t mind us. It even had a McDonalds and a Burger King!

The place was a 2-bedroom apartment with a maid’s quarter on the first floor with a private lift and a great view all round…of white washed brick walls and dingy lit central well. The place was still awesome, it was fully furnished and came with everything we needed. We got cable installed, and were set to live.

The next few days were spent on catching up on sleep, talking and finding our way around the neighbourhood. Several of the things that we had found was that there was a subway station just around the corner, Bulnes. A park down the road, a corner shop, video shop, the botanical garden. We were even close to robbers!! The first day we went out exploring, 5 mins up the road, we must have looked very touristy! Cause my mum had her purse pinched! It didn’t take long for us too learn, big bags are bad, small is great. Anything that you can get a hand into is bad news.

I was in year 11 by this stage, everything was going on pretty good, and my marks were actually going up in some subjects! (Didn’t last to long) Those years, whilst only short were some of the best that I think that I have had ever! They taught me more than I could ever have learnt in a school, self-learning is one of the hardest learning types that I can think of.

I was learning Spanish via correspondence and to get some practice I would go down the front at around 5pm, when our porter plus all the other porters would hang out and learn how to speak. This plus the few months that I took of lessons would give me a distinct accent, Yes and Aussie with an Argentinean Spanish accent. I love it! I am fluent in Spanish now, both spoken and written, plus all the other types.

We spent a total of 6 months living in Palermo before we had to leave for a short holiday over to Chile. This has been one of my ALL TIME GREATEST PLACES TO VISIT. It was great fun, I am in love with Chile, the people- the everything about the place is great. I had fun, it was a very clean place and everything looked very nice. We caught a British Airlines plane over the Andes. We got to go to the cockpit to see the view and chat with the Captain. The view was the best I have ever seen. The Andes spread out in front of us, filled the whole window, as far as the eye could see. We were shown where we were heading, a small divot in the mountain range. Looked to small for a plane, but we got thru. The whole reason for going for the short break to Chile was to get new visas. We tried to do as many things as we could whilst there, we went on a tour which was very good. It showed us all the places that were important to Chilean history, the place where General Pinochet over threw Salvador Allende to become president. Lots of it was great stuff to learn, about the limit placed on the role of women in Chilean government. We then caught a bus down to the beach and the Capital of Chile. Yes Santiago de Chile isn’t the capital. Valparaiso is the capital. It really is like a beach side city, really nice. We also had a walk around Vina de Mar. All really nice, sunny and everyone was friendly. We bought lunch at a local deli, can’t remember what we had but it was great anyhow. I told you I love Chile.

To be continued!! It is getting harder each time I fill this in to make it accurate, time is getting my memory. Plus I can’t write as fast as my memories!! Meh, i’ll stop here, red my blog instead… it is more interesting 😀

Bye for now 🙂 ……

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